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Living a Life That Counts.


If cameras were to capture every aspect of your life, what would we see?

How much goodness and impact (no matter how small) would we be able record from your deeds? At the end of it all, how many lives would you have touched? I bring these questions to you as a reminder that every second and minute of your life, ought to be valued and spent well.

However, if like me, you’ve had ugly moments mounted on really bad ones and you wonder if you could ever make an impact with what’s left of your life? Well, the answer is yes, it’s never too late; you can start NOW.
To live a life that counts, You must not count the days rather think of ways to make each day a treasured pay.

For I must tell you, each day and moment we live is a gift we must not leave. So let’s start living and stop leaving these precious gifts because we are not sure of the fifth.

Today is what we have; let’s live it, love it and enjoy it. For like a house being built each day is a foundation that must be laid.

To live a life that counts, you must love and value yourself, respect your family, friends and neighbour.

You must plan your time and time your plan. You must watch your word, for they create your world. You must educate yourself and upgrade yourself too

A smile here and a kind word there could save tons of heart and draw you to the father’s heart. Reach out to others with the love of God and make an impact in their lives.

Writer –  Gbeminiyi Shogunle

Photo Credit – Comstock

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  1. effissyoluomo@rocketmail.com'

    olumide steve folaju

    November 9, 2010 at 11:03 pm

    this is just a wonderful package from gbemi..wow!the worthes are perfect and unique.keep rooling…

  2. tolucci10@yahoo.com'


    November 10, 2010 at 11:19 pm

    gbemi , thank for reminding us of how important it is to llive a life of honour , i dont want to be remembered as the selfish , proud snob but rather as a lively girl that has a smile for everyone. God help us.

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