In Linda's Shoes


Pursuit of Happyness is certainly an inspiring movie. It featured Chris, a young family man under an intense financial pressure that was posing a threat to his chances in life, his relationship and the future of his son.

The story focused mainly on Chris’ rough path to eventual success, but I couldn’t help a zoom in on Linda, Chris’ partner (Girlfriend? Wife?), I had a minute thinking about the realities of her situation.

A flashback had shown her as a bright young woman ready to face the future with her man, but after years of struggling for survival from an unyielding investment, she became an aging, irksome and nagging partner.

She had a low paying job that was their major source of income, and she was desperate for change. A change that would make her leave her partner, in pursuit of a life that offers her better things in New York. It looked like a painful decision, but she made it.

She isn’t so much of a recommendable role model, you might say, but I think she is a good subject for an analysis.

I understand what it means to be in her shoes, I know young women who still wear them all round and believe me they aren’t Gucci made, these women have had to decide if their dreams would worth their goodbyes.

Overwhelming financial concerns sometimes create strains that affect the expression of our love as women, not always because we want to be materialistic or selfish, but because we innately desire all round stability in our relationships. (I think!)

The extent we can go to meet this need and the maturity at handling associated issues however differs.

Maybe opting out of such relationship is not often the best way, whether we choose another relationship that promises a better future or independently pursues our dreams like Linda. The truth is we often have to make choices that demand sacrifice.

The key question we should ask ourselves is ‘is it worth it?’

There may not be the desired financial buoyancy now, but can you see love, teamwork, focus, determination and an uphill struggle towards success and can you really hold up the faith for a breakthrough? If you are convinced, then you might just be on your way to success!

If you are not convinced, I guess you have to decide if you are ready for a lifetime of regrets and constant torment, from dreams deferred and denied, and only hope to be able to find self forgiveness someday. It’s entirely up to you!

Well Linda chose what would make her happy, she didn’t want her opportunity for a new life to be gone forever, for whatever reasons, she chose to say goodbye, whether it was worthwhile or not, I don’t know.

Maybe with a little patience they would have shared the victory together, maybe not. Maybe if she had stayed, he wouldn’t even have been driven so hard to be successful, maybe not.

And like a friend says, maybe after the financial breakthrough he wouldn’t even care about her again. (Hmmm!), I will still say maybe not.

Just my rambling you should say, after all it’s just a movie, my buts and ifs won’t alter the scripts, but the scripts really made me think.


Source: Femme Lounge Library

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