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25 Random Things About Me


25 Random Things About Yomi

My name is Yomi Adu. Here goes my random 25 (it took me months to write this, now am feeling like an author..heheh!)

1. It took me a long time to discover that they don’t pluck coke from trees (since I saw them everywhere I just kinda concluded coke grew on trees).

2- When I was 12, I made lotions from toilet soaps soaked in water and I would rub it on my body all day long (who says I am not a cosmetologist?).

3- I hate football, so if you are my boyfriend you might wanna enjoy watching while it lasts, on second thoughts, if I choose to like it, I’d be an arsenal fan cos I kinda like their red jersey.

Clumsy Girl

4- I am annoyingly clumsy, if you know a good diagnosis, this is the right time to speak out.

5- I can’t resist a mirror, reflective surface would also do, and I check myself out at given opportunity I get. I also love taking pictures of myself, you should see my album, (soft and hard copy).

6- I can’t get enough of cartoon network and Disney channel, is this sign of rejuvenation?

7- I believe in heaven and hell, scary sometimes to know there’s no comfortable place in between those two locations.

8- I have an old crush on Usher Raymond that won’t go away….lol! …seriously!usher

9- My driving sucks.

10- I joke a lot, I like laughing out loud and having fun, I wish people get paid for that.

11- I have a degree in teasing people. if u know what I mean

12- I am like 95% shy but people don’t notice that much.

13- I love making friends, good and bad.

14- I think babies are fascinating, I get goose bumps sometimes when I watch them play especially the really cute ones.

15- I have tattoos on my right arm that says ‘’ BEWARE OF ABOKI BIKES ’’ you might wanna take that advice too… lol (9JA ONLY)

16 I used to be in a dance group some 8 years ago, it is still one of the best times I had in the university.

17 I have never had a pet before, I would love a cat but am afraid I have not met the right one that gives me that ‘take me home’ look

18 Did I mention that I love cakes and chocolates! Can’t have enough of them.

19 I like helping people when am in the position to, it kinda makes me feel like God.

20 Sometimes I call people up with hidden numbers just to hear their voices especially when we just had a fight (now don’t blame your next creepy stalker beeps on me… heheh..!) (evil laughs!!!)

21- I’m officially running out of points in case you’ve not noticed which reminds me of one thing about myself- I get bored easily, and sometimes can’t make a quick decision.

22- I find it hard to read long articles, a book has to be really interesting for me to finish it (can’t remember the last timeyomiI did thou)…okay, I know that sucks but there’s nothing I can do about it.

23- I love singing, am considering giving myself a Grammy sometime for having such a lovely voice. No beefs allowed here pls. lol!

24- I have a problem with keeping in touch, thank God for Facebook walls and super pokes.

25- The sound of ‘goodbyes’ make me cry (shrrrr) but I don’t think am that emotional anyways.

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