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What’s Age Got To Do With IT?



When Martha’s husband broke her heart, she put her life on a hold and spent years wallowing and convincing herself she needn’t try to get on her feet again. So she grew into an obese, depressed, agoraphobic and indifferent woman living in serious debts.

She didn’t realize how much her life sucked until a passerby dropped a coin in her cup of soda thinking she was a destitute. That was the dot connecting moment that made her lose tens of pounds in weight, threw her on the good sides of the stock market, dragged her to the clubs and hang outs with friends, changed her wardrobe, and got her dating again. In three years she made a complete 180 degrees turn, she pursued, overtook and recovered the seemingly lost years of her life.

Her transformation somehow lit up a bulb in my head, and there was this burst of understanding. Like never before I believe that some changes are actually possible at any age, if we are willing to give it all it takes!

Influenced by the fairy tales we hear as children, and what we see on television and hear every day, we develop stereotypes about age and achievement. We use age as a yardstick to measure and judge what others should have attained, so if they haven’t done something at a particular age we think they are failures.

Because of this, we say a virgin at 23 must be a freak,  a single lady at 30 definitely has an attitude problem, and we tell the pregnant at 37 they are late bloomers, and if you are not at the peak of your career at 40, you are a fool forever!

The truth is life happens for us in different ways and at different times, and while we work hard towards achieving our life goals without leaving any stone unturned we must understand that the times and seasons of life does not always have to do with age. For some, yes, for others no.

When I was younger I never had problems with telling people my age, because I thought my achievement measured up pretty well, but after few years of paddling so hard to stay floating on life’s stormy sail, it stopped being one of the questions I answer with great excitement. So every birthday comes with soberness and introspection, of what should, could or would have been.

But today, I am choosing to have an enough time to conquer the world attitude with gratitude. To stop pacing the aisles and counting the miles, I chose to enjoy every step of the journey, to make the most of all my resources no matter how seemingly insignificant, without holding back all I can give, do or be, everywhere, anytime and at any age!


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