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Every Blogger dreams to increase alexa ranking in their site. Increasing alexa ranking is not a difficult task and even a newbie Blogger can do this. Although Alexa rank is not so important and accurate, every blogger including try to increase alexa ranking. Now a days many bloggers considering Page Rank and Alexa Rank before making any deals with other sites or websites. Getting good Page Rank is not a easy task so, first we will try to reduce alexa rank for our site. We are repeating again, increasing alexa rank is easy process so, try these 5 killer ways to increase alexa ranking.


What is Alexa Ranking ?

Before trying to increase alexa ranking, first know about Alexa. Alexa – The Web Information company  is an online directory which provide information of every site. This information includes Global and Local Traffic rank, Alexa site linkings, reviews, Search analytic’s and many more

How To Increase Alexa Ranking

1. Claiming your site

Claim your site in Alexa for better results. Claiming is not a huge process, just follow below mentioned steps and claim your site

  • Create a new Alexa account or login with your Facebook account
  • Click Dashboard and then Add new site
  • Signup for free and claim your site by add script or uploading a file to root directory

2. Add Alexa widget in your site

This is best way to promote and increase alexa ranking. Add alexa widget in your footer section for huge alexa ranking. This widget includes your Global Alexa ranking and Site linking. Select a widget of your choice and add it in footer (Recommended)

Link : Select Alexa Widgets

3. Alexa Tool Extension in your Browser

Installing alexa extension in your browser not only increase your alexa ranking but also helps you to know alexa rank of other sites too. This is a proved method to increase alexa ranking. Installing this extension is a single click process.

Link : Alexa Extension

4. Create Alexa Sites Linking in

Making Alexa Site Links helps you in gaining good Page Rank too. Alexa Site links is almost equal to Backlinks. Alexa site Liking in count only one link of your site in other site. While Backlinks count two or more links form same site. For example, If you comment in our Site two times, you will get one Alexa site linking in and two Backlinks. Blog commenting, Forum posting, guest posting helps you to increase Alexa site links

 5. Write a Review about alexa in your site

I’m not sure about this but i know this review surely helps you a bit. Write complete review on alexa with atleast 500 words and some links to their site. Make those links as Dofollow for better results.

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