One Week in August

One Week in August;

The week that I started by reading  page 125 of Max Lucado’s Next Door Savior as my daily devotional. It posed the question of where God is in the midst of the storms and depressingly left me with an inspiration from the story shared at a certain Silecchia’s funeral; she was recently married and had an eighteen-month old baby.

The week that I stumbled on ‘the woman issue’, an old edition of Farafina Magazine and out of the many beautifully written pieces by some of the finest writers around here, “For the love of Anthony” jumped out at me. It’s the memoir of a grieving woman who lost a promising son in the 2005 London bombings.

The week that I got a depressing and dreadful call from my mother, Mr. Adeniyi, a family friend and my father’s former collegeaue had died from complications of surgery; his identical twins girls were my younger sister’s best friends in high school.

The week that I saw an announcement and a white donation box at the entrance of my Estate. Festus, the head of the estate security who had a fierce argument with my friends some days ago had died after a brief illness.

The week that I felt great pain in my heart as Pastor Eastwood shared with us how life has not been the same after he lost of his two adorable children on the same day in the same accident.

The week that I had visited one of my favorite gossip blogs in hope of reading the hottest gist in town but instead got the horrific news of the passing away of one of my favorite actresses, she lost the battle with lung cancer.

The week that I flipped from one local TV station to another until I got hooked on the controversial Emmanuel TV’s charity day, and I shed tears as I saw many children who came for help,  they were all orphans some blind, some cripple, some dumb , some mentally retarded.

That same week, I realized how ungrateful I have been for getting depressed and anxious because of my need for bigger, flashier, prettier and more expensive things.

I made a stop to my search for antidepressants for my incessant mood swings and low spirits, and made a solemn vow, to take a pause and enjoy life, to step back in order to see clearly, to love others with all my might. To enjoy where I am, on the way to where I am going.

The same week I started my iGiveThanks Journal




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