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A Tale of Two Blouses


Marketplaces aren’t particularly one of my favorite spots so having to wait for someone in a very busy one left me uneasy and very impatient. While pacing up and down restlessly, I noticed two gorgeous blouses in a small boutique that seems to be at a disadvantaged location.

I moved closer and took a better look at the blouses, both were pink with lovely details, but the first one seems perfect. It will be a pretty match for an idle skirt I hadn’t put to much use, and the size was so rightly 10.

I took a look into my bag, at what seems to be the most important factor in getting the blouse, I had more than enough loose money to get it!

Shouldn’t I go for it? For a long time, and quite unnecessary as well, I stood there admiring the two blouses and I thought to myself even if the first one was not there, the second would have also been lovely for me .

After taking my sweet time to hesitate, ponder, analyze, and admire I started walking towards the boutique, a few steps away from the shop, I was flabbergasted at what I saw.

A lady walked towards the shop took the blouses off the hanger and went in, of course to fit them! She paid for the two and left!

The two! Not even the second best was left?

Well, the ‘get up’ ring from my alarm clock denied me the end of the story too, there  was nothing tangible I could do in the dream world.

Try as hard as I might to drop it into the ‘‘it’s just a dream” trashcan, it followed me around all through the day like a nagging wife, determined to prick on my conscience till I accepted I needed to make a change.

I didn’t have to think too far to understand its message, I knew exactly where the old, ugly shoes itch. In clear words – PROCRASTINATION!

Pursuing what I desire out of life is certainly not by wishing and admiring but in getting up and running either like a lion would towards its prey or like a gazelle away from its predator.

I knew it was time to run! To allow my dreams take a leap out of the pages of my journal into reality. Like someone said, to think too much about doing something maybe its undoing, procrastination is opportunity’s natural killer.

So step up, step out and do what you gotta do!

Writer: Shola Okubote

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