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Are Men Happier Than Women?


The modern woman is increasingly having a decision-making power of her own with more access to needed resources and a range of options from which she can make choices. She exercises assertiveness rather than passiveness and has developed confidence in her own capacities for independence. She is glamorous, in control and yet maternal, juggling the acts of raising children, holding down a job and sustaining a relationship.

We are fast approaching the day that women rights activists and feminists have been dreaming about and fighting for, the day when women all over the world can be given opportunities to achieve their dreams without any form of cultural, societal or religious restraints.

Whether the day will ever come or not, we really don’t know, but what we do know for sure is that we are closer to it than ever before. Now, that is a huge success and should be good news, except for the recent concerns that our progress might be opening a new gender gap!

Women Empowerment as we knew it might be increasingly having new meanings to the modern woman, while our mothers’ generation’s major contention was against marginalization at home, at work and in the society at large, it seems the monster we will have to contend with is even bigger and uglier. Unlike them also, we might be making lesser demands for our rights from the men folk and the government, and for the first time in the history of women’s rights advocacy, we would have to turn to ourselves for the answer to the question we ask.

The increased opportunities to succeed in many ways for women may be bringing new challenges right to their doorsteps. With greater ambition, fiercer competition and an unending to do list, they now have a higher standard to evaluate themselves by. Measuring up to every inch of that standard is however not without consequences.

“The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness,” a controversial  study conducted by Wharton Academics Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers, has suggested that the new pursuit for women might be bigger than their fight against inequality and discrimination, that women are  now confronted with a challenge of finding happiness in the midst of all their victories. Other Researchers are also showing that as it turns out, the closing gap in social and economic inequalities between men and women has a directly proportional influence on the happiness and well being of modern women.

This intriguing and unsettling study is suggesting that a new gender gap is emerging, one in which men are absolutely more contented and happier than women.

Is it true that the more women achieve, the more they seem aggrieved?Are we biting more than we can chew, or just haven’t learnt how to grind well enough for us to be able to swallow with ease?

With women’s increasing accomplishments and tremendous prospect in various endeavors, how could they be unhappy? If they are really unhappy, from whom would they demand their right to happiness?

Truth be told, women today are not living in the happiest of times; they have much more to worry about than their mothers did when they were their age! The talk on layoffs, increased crime rate, slowdowns in the economy, red alerts on terrorism and all their kinds, leaves them financially insecure, stressed out and tired, as they juggle jobs and families. They are overwhelmed by huge responsibilities and have to make informed decisions daily.

Like a bully that has been dared, it seems, unhappiness wants to lock us into a prison. We have demanded respect and equality from the society, but from whom would we demand a release from unhappiness other than ourselves.

Now you tell us, are men happier than women?

Source – Femme Library

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