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Asake, Apeke & Amoke: Who Is A Thief?


Asake: hey babes!

Apeke: what’s up? you are really late today

Asake: yeah, I went to Tare’s office after work.

Amoke: and who is the dude that just gave you a passionate goodnight kiss downstairs?

Asake: you pokenosers! how did you see that?

Apeke: we were peeping through the window!

Asake: that is Tare, he is the guy I have been talking about for one month.

Amoke: he is good looking and looks well loaded too going by his car, it seems you are finally in good hands my friend!

Apeke: why didn’t he come inside? You should have let us meet him and say hi, don’t you want to show of your gorgeous flat mates?

Asake: he was in a hurry to go home to his sick baby. Don’t worry you will meet him at my birthday next weekend.

Apeke: sick baby?  Is he a single dad?

Amoke: or a married man?

Asake: he is married but we love each other.

Apeke: forget it girl, dating a married man never ends well.

Amoke: says who? says who?

Asake: honestly, I am confused too but he said he doesn’t love his wife, that had he met me before he got married he would have chosen me..

Apeke: ha! forget it! that is one lie they all tell!

Amoke: are you saying he doesn’t love her?  apeke you can’t say that for sure, he might be an exception to the rule.

Apeke: love is not the point here, for Christ sakes he is married!

Asake: he said he has never been in love till he met me, he believes I am his soul mate.

Apeke: all these in just one month of meeting him?  And you believe him?

Asake: well, I love him too much to doubt what he says

Apeke: is he planning to leave his wife for you?

Asake: he’s only been married for two years and his wife just had a baby, so he can’t divorce her now, he said I should give him some time.

Amoke: I hope he is taking good care of you financially sha o! If you can’t have all of him you should at least have his money.

Asake: well he is trying, he works with an oil company and he has even promised to help me get a better job

Amoke: good!

Apeke: amoke! why are you so determined to mislead a fellow flat mate?

Amoke: msheww!  apeke you are so naïve! How can you tell her to leave a man who loves her and takes care of her? What have all her single boyfriends given her but heartbreaks? The last one even ran away with her money!

Apeke: that is because she is so gullible to men’s lies and she is about to make the same mistake again.

Asake: abeg stop fighting because of me; I am having a nice time in my relationship o!

Amoke: my dear this is 2010 use what you have to get what you want. I support you.

Apeke: at what cost? Amoke, everything is not about money and you really have to know that at some point in your life

Amoke: well this is about money, love, security, maturity, good look……….all coming from one man!

Asake: I have never loved a man like this before in life, it’s just so unfair that he is married and I can’t have him all to myself

Amoke: its destiny, not everywoman will have a man of her own, some are destined to share other women’s husband, it is destiny and there is nothing you can do about it

Apeke: hehehehe, amoke you will not kill me o! Your old wives fables are so filthy.

Amoke: sorry o, madam goody too good!

Apeke: so tell me, how will you feel if someone is sharing you own husband?

Amoke: when we get to that bridge we will cross it.

Apeke: exactly what I expected you to say, stop deceiving yourself amoke, what is bad is bad.

Amoke: Asake, abeg follow your heart jare, if it leads you to be his mistress then by all means be his mistress.

Asake: he loves me a lot, I can see it in his eyes, the way he talks to me, and treats me with affection and care, but I am really confused.  I want a man I can call my own, that I can dream of living happily ever after with.

Amoke: there is no gain without pain my dear, just focus on the big picture

Apeke: I know you love him, I can see it your eyes that you do

Amoke: yet you tell her to leave him, you contradict yourself girl!

Apeke: amoke can you just shut up for a while, I beg you in God’s name!

Apeke: in this kind of relationship we all know love is not enough, i don’t think you should close your eyes and conscience to this looming disaster.

Asake: you said love is not enough? with love we can work things out and overcome the barriers on our way, its just a matter of time

Apeke: let me ask you a question, and you too amoke.

Amoke: there goes the preacher!

Apeke: a poor man needs money to pay for his daughter’s school fees, so he takes up a gun and comes to your house, takes all your hard earned valuables to pay for his daughters school fees.

He stole to safe his child from illiteracy, that is surely justified?

Amoke: why is he denying other people of their hard earned valuables to safe his own daughter, that is selfish. i think he should go and work hard to make money to cater for his family instead of stealing.

Asake: it is wrong to take what doesn’t belong to you, no matter the excuse.

Amoke: so what is the head and tail of your story?

Apeke: asake is just like that theif!

Asake: say what?


Apeke: no matter how much you need or love a married man, it is wrong for you to have him because he belongs to another woman. Whatever excuse you give can never be justified, as long as he is married to another woman, you should not have him.

Asake: remember he was the one who asked me out first,  i didn’t go chasing him

Apeke: yeah, you can’t  change him from being an unfaithful bastard, but you can choose not to be the thief he cheats with.

Asake: I am even more confused now

Apeke: its not complicated, just think about it with your church mind, the world will be a better place if we all use our church minds.

Apeke: amoke? won’t you say something?

Amoke: hmmnnn! no comments, I am asleep.

Apeke: exactly what i thought you would say.

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Photo Credit: Jennifer Borton

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