Breaking Up With The Captain


The story you are about to read isn’t strange or unfamiliar to a number of ladies out there.

I happen to be one of them…

It was a busy Monday afternoon, my phone was ringing but I tried to ignore it with the number of urgent things I had to do I needed no distractions. The phone continues to ring. I told myself pick up this phone to cut off the distraction!

I picked up the bloody phone and it’s a stranger’s voice, one I have never heard before. I listened to discern the voice but no, my memory wasn’t jolted. I got curious where did he get my number from? who is he? and what does he want?

Eventually he disclosed his identity as a “D”, and he  answered all the many questions that came to my mind. He got my number from a sister/friend. For this sole reason I told myself be polite, so I was. This stranger knows a lot about me already and I barely knew him.

This was being polite: “Can I talk to you later on in the day; I am very busy right now”

For goodness sake  it was aMonday and we all know how Mondays can be, VERY BUSY.

In a couple of hours, I was able to tick off my long list of TO-DO. Remember I was polite, so I called him back apologizing I couldn’t talk to him earlier when he called. We started talking and chatting and getting to know. (Girls like someone that can talk well on the phone…well I do) You know all the questions you ask someone you are meeting for the first time, The conversation went well and had to end because I had to get back to work. Did I tell you what I do? Never mind, at least it pays the bills. As I hung up I thought to myself he sounds cool, I can put a face to this voice.

Two Days After:

This time I was expecting his call, (did I say he called me so many times in the past 2 days) Remember I have decided to put a face to this stranger’s voice, so today is the day we planned to meet.

It’s was a Friday; (a day we all look forward to)i was  dressed to make an impression. Trust me i was looking good. He picked me up after work and surprisingly he is a light skinned guy, “why did I think he was tall dark and handsome anyway he isn’t bad looking and he has bloody PINK LIPS”, I love pink lips.

We went to see a movie, “Can’t remember the title of the movie now” we both were already feeling comfy with each other. I think that’s what the cinema theatre does to people.

After the movies we went to have dinner at a Chinese restaurant and he bought me cocktail, he has such good memories,” I LOVE COCKTAILS”. We later went to have drinks at a bar, all in one night you say??? I sure had fun.

The outcome of the outing was the decision to date this Capt “D”: “Oh I didn’t tell you he is in the Army” The following days went so well and so sweet to have someone that cared about you. We dined out a number of times and went grocery shopping together, how sweet you say! The days flew so fast and we felt just like we were made for each other, so I thought.


Three Weeks After:

Captain started to pressurize me for sex which I have sworn not to give up to any man but my husband. It became a constant tune, every discussion led to the topic which made us have little fights. I stood my ground on my decisions and he came to terms with it. Little did I know that he had other plans! I realized that he stopped calling me, started avoiding me.  All my efforts to see him proved abortive.

On a particular Friday, I decided to hang out with him; called him in the morning to hook up later in the day. The response was positive so I was happy . At close of work, there was no call from him. I decided to call, no response.  I would have left 20 missed calls on his phone. Only for him to call at 7:00pm that he is in Ibadan. What a liar!

The next day I decided to go make my hair, expecting my boyfriend from his supposed Ibadan trip. On my way to the salon, driving on a street in Victoria Island. I ran into his car, and the first thing I saw, his plate number XX…XXX. I am in shock and in doubt of my vision; I chose to confirm this by looking at the driver’s seat low and behold it’s my Captain. In my state of shock I circled the roundabout twice and speed up after him to confirm my fears. He is in the car with another babe, this is 7am oh! (What else do you think off course she slept over at his house and ….figure it out!)

At this point, I decide to call off the relationship because i was furious, my boyfriend lied to me and cheated on me, with no remorse.

Now I am back to the lovely single life and learning to be careful, overly cautious and selective of who I give my ears and heart to, I can’t afford another break up however brief as it maybe it hurts just as much.

Writer: Sholly

Image: G.I

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