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The Good, Bad and Ugly of Me



The Good

  1. Love:   Love and I go hand in hand. I am addicted to love because it make my world go round, happy, self confident and fulfilled.
  2. Helpful:  I help people through prayers, advice, care, material things, could be finances and my precious time.
  3. Intelligent: Sure, I’m a very intelligent woman. I’ve got my witness; Dad and Mum (both late), my brothers, my boyfriend and friends.
  4. Beautiful: I am beautiful inside and out; large eyes, full eyebrows and lashes, pointed nose, kissable lips, nice set of teeth, full hair, full boobs, small waist, portable hips, straight legs, good complexion and nice smile + a dimple.
  5. Confident: I can give several examples to prove how confident I am and how much my confidence has soared.
  6. Smart: I am a smart ass kid.

The Bad

  1. Selfish: I am selfish because I always put myself first and I am greedy.
  2. Self centered: The world revolves around me and all ever think of is me, me, me even if I’m thinking of a guy is for my own good – I will want him to love me than he loves himself.
  3. Fornicate: I do fornicate because having sex before marriage is termed as fornication
  4. Stealing: I do steal; meat from the soup pot, N50 from my mum’s purse, food in the kitchen, books, magazines and credit from a friend’s phone is still termed stealing. I’ve not gone Plc though.
  5. Masturbation: I masturbate a lot except I’m in foul mood. Whenever I see a display of sex or hear sex I imagine the scenario and masturbate, I always feel bad after doing it but I can’t stop.
  6. Anger: I have a quick temper, small things annoy me especially when it comes to matters of the heart or money.

The Ugly

  1. Envy: I usually envy people that are prettier than me, successful than  me, have a better boyfriend than me, dresses well than me, anybody that has something good than me is who I get envious of.
  2. Evil thoughts: Most times I think evil, like seeing someone and calling her ‘Bitch’ or ‘look at her big nose’ or ‘ I hope you slip and break your neck’ especially to people who do things to hurt me.
  3. Lazy: I am freaking lazy and this makes me procrastinate or leave things undone or not done well. Like it took me ages to write this.
  4. Malice: I can keep malice for years, might have forgiven the person but find it very hard to forget.


Writer: Wemimo

Image: Getty images

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