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Shoes Are A Girl's Bestfriend?


Most ladies relationship with shoes start off from an early age, mostly while they are in their early teens, looking at the shoes through the shoe shop window wishing that they could have them to add to their already increasing closet full of shoes, or just wishing that they could pull off those extremely high heels without wobbling with every step they take. As much as we realize our love hate relationship with shoes and the fact that we only wear one third of the amount of shoes we possess we still cannot deny that we’d much rather have them than not.

So here is a list of the types of shoes every woman needs to have in her shoe closet and the different types of shoes for different occasions.

Flats or Ballerina Pumps
Our early relationship with shoes often starts off with flats or the ballerina pumps as they are often called. They have little or no heel, are easy to wear, durable and absolutely pain free. They are very good for ladies who are into the casual look and are often the best shoes to go shopping with; they are also good for outings where you know you’ll be spending the day on your feet.

These are often worn when the weather is warm because they are also as comfortable as ballerina pumps while allowing a lot more freedom to the toes. The higher they are up the leg the slimmer they make your legs appear, so if you want your legs to appear slimmer especially if you are wearing a short or knee length skirt get a pair with a little extra buckles up top. They come in a variety of colours and are also good for casual occasions.

The wedges are another famous pair with the ladies although there is also an amount of ladies that would rather not wear them. Wedges are good for people who want a little extra lift but are not very comfortable with the idea of wearing heels. This can be worn with just about anything they are also very comfortable.

Kitten Heels
These barely there heeled shoes are great for people who are just learning how to wear heels, they do not give as much of a lift to the person and are often not as attractive but are very comfortable for a long night, it is worth having a pair as they can come in very handy.


These are often said to be the best of the lot, why, do I hear you ask? Because unlike all other types of shoes a nice pair of high stiletto can dramatically change the way you look. They are not as comfortable, but hey whoever said beauty was pain clearly knew a thing or two about what was going on. They are worth investing in, can be worn with any type of outfit and if you are a Shorty they can give you a major height transformation. They should mostly be worn when going out for an event or to the office as they are much more appropriate for such events but for some people they are everyday attires. Hey if Victoria Beckham can do it why not you. If you know you are going to be on your feet for a long time rounded toes, open toes or sandals are much better as you will have to deal with less pain which is often more likely with pointy toed heels. Wearing the right shoes for the right occasion is not only necessary it is also appropriate as it can make or break an outfit just ask Carrie Bradshaw and I’m sure she’ll tell you a thing or two. And if there is any lesson we have learnt from Cinderella it is that sometimes a pair of shoes can change your life, for all you know you just might find Prince Charming.

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