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The WOMAN 2.1 Summit, a dynamic gathering of women designed to inspire, empower, educate and connect undergraduate women, women executives, managers, professionals and emerging women leaders is a brainchild of Effusion Motivate. Effusion Motivate is a corporate-life and human capital enrichment firm focusing on re-energizing people through capacity building programs to inspire transformational change.

For two days, hundreds of Change Agents -innovators, visionaries, trailblazers, authors, journalists, educators, artists, business leaders, entrepreneurs, corporate women, undergraduates and cross sector women -come together with other women from all walks of life to be educated, inspired and empowered to be Change Agents in their own lives, within their communities or companies and around the world.

The mission of The WOMAN 2.1 Summit is to build a critical mass of Change Agents– people who see a problem and seek to create the solution, be it in their homes, their communities, their companies, the continent or the world. WOMAN 2.1 Summit, a codified term for 21st Century Woman Summit, sanctions women to live up to their truest selves – smart, strong, capable and compassionate leaders who truly can change the world, one woman at a time.

Our internationally-acclaimed speakers crack the code for what is new, what is necessary, what is emerging and what is actionable, all in pursuit to unlock Africa’s full potential for transformation change.

First held in Kumasi in October, 2009, WOMAN 2.1 Summit 2009 drew over 700 women and men from diverse backgrounds and speakers from far and wide – USA, UK and Ghana.

At this year’s summit, top experts and speakers leading professional, educational and personal sessions will offer practical tips and tools for how to inspire vision, transform lives, create legacies and become Change Agents.

On October 15th and 16th, 2010 at the National Theatre, Accra-Ghana, The WOMAN 2.1 Summit 2010 will feature a world-class line-up of speakers around the theme of “The Making Of A Global Woman: The Blueprint”, which is intended to authorize the twenty first century woman with the roadmap for greater excellence as it will deliver the modern tools to position her as a global Change Agent – to serve, support and strengthen our larger community.

The summit will feature signature news-making moments and “once-in-a-lifetime conversations” that combine influential voices, authentic hearts and great minds with engaging discussions about the issues that matter most to women’s lives – business and entrepreneurship, money and finance, health and fitness, service and activism, news and politics, family and parenting, religion and spirituality, and style and beauty.

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