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What if you just lined up in a queue and wait patiently instead of jumping
the queue? Do you know Nigeria will be a better place?

What if you decided to do things the right way?

What if our parents trained their children with the fear of God and loyalty
to ones country?

What if all our policy makers, politicians decide to send their children to
government owned schools rather than private schools.

What if there was a preservation method for agricultural products in the

What if our lecturers decide to start lectures, be in class when they are
supposed to be there and lecture diligently?

What if the children hawking and roaming the streets are kept away the
streets and put in good schools.

What if you decide not to throw garbage (pure water sachets, papers, plastic
bottles etc) out the windows of your car?

What if you decide to keep your environment clean, I mean your immediate
surrounding is cleared of dirt.

What if you decide to invest in people with whatever God has given you.

What if you decide not to waste resources e.g. leaving your tap running or
leaving the lights on because you are trying to use up all you deserve to
have been given?

What if you the petrol station attendants decide to be honest for once?

What if you decide to be a solution to problems and not a problem to a

What if our youths decide not to be used as instruments of political

What if all who profess to know GOD truly know Him?

What if you decide to do what someone has left undone no matter who gets the

What if you decide not to inflate the imprest you are requesting for at your
place of work?

What if you decide not to cheat anyone in any way?

Want if you decide to be as committed as you are to other nations to your

What if you decide to use the hours you spend surfing for irrelevances on
the internet into more useful things.

What if you decide to mend rather than destroy?

Writer – Aderonke

Photo Credit – Paper Boat Creative

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