Living And Loving Apart


It’s a Friday evening and i am busy getting my children ready for bed. Then i will get on the phone and talk long-distance to my husband until either of us wants to get to bed.

This is almost a routine now, we’ve pretty much been running the same script for the last four years, night after night ……because that’s our life!

I live about 600 km away from my husband and the journey to reunite usually involves travel by land, air and sea – pretty tedious sometimes. I live here because i have a great job here that i really enjoy and helps provide for the little people. I used to think that my situation was peculiar, but i find that these days it is increasingly more common place for various reasons – primary one being job and finances.

Hi, i will call myself LuvinWife , and this is a journal of sorts of my life as a young christian woman, living this life of marital separatism (i just came up with that !).
I get a lot of comments and advise from well-meaning folk (or at least i hope they are), warning me of all the reasons why loving apart is a bad idea: he’s young, i’m young; he’s attractivé; i’m attractive; he’s around beautiful and bold women all day, i’m around good-lookin and successful men all the time, he’s got charm, i’ve got an african backside.. and the list goes on!
I used to get really upset whenever anyone decided to give me the usual run-down of why we should’t be doing this, but now i’m ticked off at the moment but try not to let it drag me down for the rest of the day or week like it used to.
In some part of my head i also have an directly proportional list  but i’ll save that for another entry.

But today TGIF! , so i’m thanking God for:

  • My wonderful husband who’s never given me cause to doubt his love or fidelity, these last four odd years;
  • My precious children who occupy my time and thoughts, leaving me with little time for pity parties’
  • My parents, especially my mum who apparently feels its normal to completely disrupt her life whenever i need her help, which is a lot – i love you mummy;
  • My surreally wonderful in-laws – yes all of them!
  • My great job and colleagues;
  • Good friends.

I’m truly blessed and I am truly thankful. Counting my blessings helps me put things in perspective.

Have you counted your blessings lately?

Writer:   Orifie Effiong Uyo

Photo Credit – Andersen Ross



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