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Nine Things a Good Neighbour Must Know!


Nobody likes a hostile environment. We all prefer to come home and have peace emanating from the walls. These include feeling the friendly vibe from our neighbours. They feel the same way too and will rather co-habit in peace. To be the best neighbour anybody will die for, you have to:

  • Mow your lawn: you can’t ignore your lawn because you’ve been busy or you don’t need the exercise. Your wilderness look alike lawn is not doing good justice to your apartment neither does it make your neighbour’s crib look cool.
  • Shut your dog up: You don’t have to imprison your pooch to shut it up. But if your dog growls and barks at every moving shadow or stray cat and keep your neighbours awake, then you have to devise a method to make it shut up!
  • Park in front of your own house: Get ready for a shouting match if you can’t boast of a garage and tend to park right in front of your apartment and might be carried away by parking the 2nd, 3rd and 4th car in front of our neighbours house.
  • Invite your neighbours to your party or give a fair warning first: It is fair to invite them to the party if you’ll keep them awake to the wee hours of the morning. Or give them a fair warning to evacuate the hood before you bombard them with your wild party.
  • Turn your music down: Your neighbour might share the same music taste with you but you have no right to keep them from watching their tv set in peace.
  • Turn your music up, if you shriek like a monkey when having sex.
  • Take your baggage out: The worst crime is to have your backyard oozing out a stink from hell.
  • Slow down your car when you drive on your street: Kids are known for cycling or running into the street. You don’t want to murder your neigbour’s kid.
  • You will receive the best neighbour of the year awards year after year if you abide to these set of rules. You’ll also make more friends, live in peace, harmony and become productive and happy.

9 Commandments Of A Good Neighbour

  1. A good neighbour won’t be a nuisance to others. Some individuals will disturb the whole street just because their son is celebrating a birthday.
  2. A good neighbour wont disturb others with the sound of his generator or loud music coming from his new home theatre (is that possible in Naija).
  3. A good neighbour wont gossip/backbite his/her housemates (what do you stand to gain).
  4. A good neighbour wont covet another mans property (cars, electronics, even spouses).You might just give yourself a heart attack or push yourself over.
  5. A good neighbour won’t deal falsely or cheat. (So many people defraud their housemates through shady deals).
  6. A good neighbour wont curse or use swear words. A good neighbour will love others as herself. A good neighbour will respect the opinion of others.
  7. A good neighbour will always clean up after using communal areas (kitchens, shared bathrooms, and lounge).
  8. A good neighbour will not rob/steal (don’t use your neighbours stuff without their consent).
  9. A good neighbour will not rejoice when a calamity befalls others. If we are able to abide by these, we will have less headache/heartache.

Writer – Wemimo Adesemoye and Aderonke Aded

Born in the early eighties, Wemimo have always love to talk and thought she will become a lawyer but fell in love with T.V whenever she watches the late night news with her parents. With a passion for entertainment and compassion for the less privilege, she came up with the idea of using her talent to help people and to make others reach out too.
A graduate of Mass Communication from Olabisi Onabanjo University, she is the CEO of Richgirl Incorporated.



  1. bolajuwon2002@yahoo.com'


    December 2, 2010 at 9:36 am

    please tell us!

  2. vdrama4god@yahoo.com'

    Victoria Adebola

    December 16, 2010 at 8:54 am

    nice article, i believe our neigbours are part of our life and should be treated wit love and understanding.

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