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In the words of prestigious footwear designer Jimmy Choo, “For a woman, the right shoe can make everything different. It can make you walk better, feel better.”

We live in an era where women fantasize and long to buy expensive designer shoes from the Jimmy Choos, to the Louboutins, Manolos e.t.c….heck, who doesn’t want to have a shoe closet like the Sex and city fashionistas

However, no matter how many pairs of shoes you own, either designer shoes or not, caring for them is the most important part as this helps them last longer. At our age, it is unlikely that we will grow out of our shoes, (I have been a size 8 since I stopped growing years ago) so if we take care of these shoes, we will get great value for our money.

If you are like me, due to your busy schedule, you rarely have time to care for your shoes. At any point in time, if you look into my car, you will see at least 2 pairs of shoes (I am really trying to change…seriously). Infact it’s at the end of the working week that you empty your car of the different shoes you wore to work that week…..(don’t judge me).

However, I have noticed that most of us only take good care of the ones we felt the impact in our pockets. I won’t lie, I will treat my pair of Louboutins better than the New look ones….(bet you do it too). This should not be the case. All shoes deserve love, afterall they make us look and feel sexy and great so why treat them likewise……..

Adhere to the following and your shoes will stay fabulous and pretty:

  1. Clean your shoes after each wearing. It is best to have a little shoe cleaner or dry cloth right by your shoe rack/closet so you can clean as soon as you remove them.
  2. Prevent your shoes from getting squashed by keeping them in their original boxes or on a rack
  3. It is better to keep shoes off the floor, where they are more likely to gather dust and attract dirt. If necessary place them on an overhead shelf in your closet
  4. Make sure these your storage boxes allow for air flow, to prevent mould setting in or you can purchase a set of hang-anywhere canvas type hanging shelves.
  5. Storing shoes for a long time? No problem, you can wrap them in tissue paper or bubble wrap before putting them away. Cover large metal clasps and buckles with tissue paper to stop them from becoming discolored.
  6. Make sure your shoes are clean and dry before you store them
  7. Stuff your shoes when they are not being worn out with tissue, or old socks as stuffing the toes of your shoes will enable them to retain their shape.
  8. Lastly, Air your shoes often. I always take out my shoes and put them outside for an hour on weekends to air them out.

Writer – Funmi Ibiyode blogs at  http://funms-funms.blogspot.com

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