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Looking For My Birth Parents After 30 Years Of Being Adopted.


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This week a young women share with us her experience as an adopted child looking for her birth parents.


I am 30 years old and was adopted. I was always aware from a very early age that I had been adopted at only 7 days old and it was arranged before I was born.  I always wished I NEVER knew, that I’d never been told… I grew up feeling different from everybody else, I have struggled for many years with this and did not realize how important it is for one to be secure with your adoption, as I was not. Now I am a professional but this remains a void in my life.

My adoptive parents may have over compensated for this….I wanted for nothing materially,educationally or emotionally, I do feel I would have been happier as a child and now an adult had I never known.

However I have for a long time wondered about my birth parents…especially recently that i am about to start my own family.The question I ask; is it wise to look for birth parents and should I?

Secondly should I tell my adoptive mother who spent everyday of my childhood telling me how much she loved me and that I was her special child , that i’m considering looking for my parents?

– Adopted One

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