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Before You Choose A New Year Resolution


As the most clever life forms on the planet, our brain sometimes fools us. We know so much yet when we attempt to create a new direction in our lives the brain often comes up short. Why is that?

We all know that the brain is a super computer. It performs millions of functions – the most advanced computer today cannot even come close to what our brain performs in one single second. The very reality that we can walk and maintain balance is far more sophisticated than any of today’s most cutting edge “walking” robots.

During this new year, 2011, many of us may have made some resolutions to be better at something, or lose weight, or get more fit, or create more meaningful relationships with our family, or make more money, or be more assertive.

Some of these goals are fairly easy to accomplish. Just get your butt to the gym, stop eating cheese cake and presto! Goal accomplished. It CAN be done.

Other goals are much more serious. These goals are about deciding to do something that scares the wits out of you. Like facing demons that have always prevented you from being everything you can truly be, like finally deciding to create a new reality, like re-inventing yourself so you can finally begin your real life journey instead of forever reacting to circumstances. These goals can be painful and terrifying. But something inside you knows that it must be done.

This article is about making a powerful decision even though you don’t know exactly how it will all unfold. This article is about you, if you are afraid, if you truly need to start doing something new and exciting and frightening and totally different than anything you have ever done before. This article is about saying goodbye to that part of you that you didn’t order off the menu – the stuff you got sort of stuck with for whatever reasons.

We all hear about setting new goals for the new year, but we don’t hear too much about forgiving our self about the mistakes we made, the guilt we sometime feel, or the anger or any intense emotions like sadness that stop us from moving forward. And mostly, we don’t hear enough about how to feel worthy enough to even set new goals.

The bottom line is, if we don’t feel worthy, no amount of goal setting or planning will work. The moment will come when the decision to take action will cause so much fear that the choice will be sabotaged, one way or the other.

I’ll try not to sound like a dumb “positive thinking book” as you read what comes next:

Get some help.

The fastest most effective way to change your life is to get help from someone who has already “been there, done that” and accomplished something substantial. Find someone who can help you. Just walk right up to this person and say, “I need your help because I can’t do it without you”.

I guarantee you this person, who ever it is, will help you. This person CAN and WILL help you. That’s why they are in a position to help: They have helped so many people ALREADY. In fact, that is the real secret to a good life – helping people.

Once you get some initial help, then you can start helping other people. Once you start helping other people your pain and misery and doubts will begin to dissipate, sooner than you think. Your strength will increase. Your self image and confidence will start to smile. You will soon be able to set some meaningful, REALISTIC goals rather than trying to endlessly solve problems or “attempt” to feel better.

Fact: Every person who has achieved an inspired, meaningful life FIRST got help to learn how to do it.

EVERYONE needs a mentor.

Do everything you can to find one too.

Make THAT your FIRST new goal this year.

Written by: Richard_Woolsey

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  1. Nikelesi@gmail.com'


    January 10, 2011 at 8:43 am

    “The bottom line is, if we don’t feel worthy, no amount of goal setting or planning will work.”

    This is exactly what I need to jumpstart this year……Thanks.

  2. rick.woolsey@gmail.com'

    Richard Woolsey

    May 22, 2011 at 8:35 pm

    Thank you for posting my article. I hope it inspires and helps everyone to create what they truly love.

    Richard Woolsey

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