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I am African. Yes. You probably are too. Which means you probably have the tendency to grow a big bum. Or maybe you already have one. Now, whether you want a big bum or a toned one, whether you like your bum lifted or round, we African women will forever have our bums on our minds. So if you already work out, here are some great tips to perk up that bum. Don’t worry, they are meant to tone it up not make you lose it all J

Tips For The Elliptical : Try to hold the bars and lean back while you use the elliptical. Do you feel it yet? You’ll definitely feel the difference as the position puts a little more focus on your upper butt area,

Tips For Walking : I love walking on hills because no one has to tell you that it puts more strain on your muscles. You just feel it when you are done. So if you like to take walks, try going on a hill. If you walk on the treadmill, just add an incline and see how much more you feel back there.

Tips For Running: Generally, it is advised to land on the balls of your feet when you run. And so when we are running really fast, we don’t usually let our feet go through the complete range of motion. That is, we don’t usually land on the balls of our feet and then wait till our heels touch the ground before we take the next step. But doing the full range of motion actually works on our butts more than just getting to the next step. So the next time you are out running, try getting it all in to each step and see if you feel the extra stretch in your badonkadonk.

Tips For Strength Training : Whenever you strength train, try to hold your bum tight. Sometimes we make the mistake of not engaging our glute muscles enough while we are working out our derrieres.

Remember these as you work out and you’re on your way to that perky bum you always dreamed of!

About The Contributor: Suzanne Brume is the Health and Fitness Editor for Eights and Weights (, a website promoting health, fitness, and wellness for Africans. For any questions or comments, contact her at, on Facebook (Eights and Weights), or on Twitter @eightsnweights.

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