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In the new year, it’s best to slowly discard bad eating habits. Slowly is the keyword here – If you’re someone who for example eats out every night, drinks a couple of glasses of wine almost everyday, drinks a can or two of coke everyday, eats very generous servings of rice/yam, etc.

It’s unrealistic to stop doing all these things at the same time. A more realistic approach would be to initally:

  • cut down to one *small* glass of wine every other day (red wine is a healthier option, I’ll go into that another time)
  • choose healthier options when eating out e.g. ask for dressing on the side when ordering salads, pick roasted, grilled meals over deep fried foods
  • switch to diet coke (which you will eventually reduce because although it contains less calories, it contains artificial sweeteners) and drink more water
  • Halve your usual portion of white rice, yam, eba, amala, pasta, etc

When you are successful with your small changes, you take the next step:

  • small glass of red wine once to twice a week
  • eat out less so you know *exactly* what’s going into your meals.
  • diet coke a couple of times a week
  • Maximum of a fist-sized serving of white rice, yam, etc

And then:

  • wine, eating out and diet coke will be classed as “treats” i.e you only have them on special occasions.
  • Add more variety your meals – e.g. sweet potato, brown rice/pasta, bulk up meals with vegetables, eat larger portions of protein (chicken, meat, fish)

A similar approach worked for me (although I don’t drink and I’ve never been a Coca Cola (I initially entered ‘coke’ haha!) addict, I based this on someone else I know and I hope she reads this 🙂 … ).

Write down what you feel your bad habits are and how you think you’ll slowly wean yourself off them.

Check out the ‘Get Trimmer’ challenge on my blog:

Writer: Adura Odesanya is a Fitness Instructor and Trainer who works with Fitter London. Having been overweight in the past,  she recognises the challenges that many people face in trying to overcome weight loss and fitness challenges.


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    February 18, 2011 at 9:49 am

    i am soooo trying all these. thanks adura

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