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Recent occurences have reminded me about some obstacles I faced when I made the decision to lose the extra 40+ pounds I had been carrying around for a few years. I don’t mean everyday temptations in restaurants or supermarkets – I’m talking about my friends + family.

People in our lives sometimes aren’t aware of how influential they are:

  • Unsupportive Comments
    I remember cooking chicken with the skin still on, then using the stock to cook my brown rice (which I absolutely couldn’t stand and this was the way I found it barely edible). I usually took the skin off the chicken at this point because it was easier that when it was uncooked. Next step was to make my “WW Stew”. In my opinion (then and now), this was a much healthier way of cooking than how I used to. So you can imagine how discouraged I was when my friend saw me draining the stock to cook the rice and said, not in a nice way, “I hope you’re aware this is pointless because the fat from the skin is in the chicken stock”. This might not seem like a big deal but I was *very* discouraged after this because I really did think I was doing very well (and the scales were proving that!)
  • Flaunting Unhealthy Eating Habits
    We all have those friends who can eat anything and everything and still look amazing (not fair! lol!). Good for them (*rolling eyes like I’m not envious*) but not so good for me at that point in my life. I wasn’t expecting them to change their eating habits but I’d have really appreciated them making an effort not to inhale a bar of chocolate while I was munching on an apple and then proceed to offer me some of it… I mean, seriously??!!It would have been nice not to have people turn their noses up when I offered them some of my healthy food… but oh well, the world didn’t revolve around me… although it does now! 😉

My Mummy (May Her Beautiful Soul Continue To Rest in Peace – Amen) was so supportive – although I must admit she told me I was too skinny when she initially saw me (back home for Summer after a few months on WW at Uni). I told her what I could and couldn’t eat and I’ll never forget the first time she came back from the market with skinless chicken fillets because she’d seen me take off the skin from the chicken we had at home. My Mummy was amazing and I know you all have people like this in your life.

It really helps to have your loved ones embrace your journey to good health and it’s even more helpful to witness them learn that you can still enjoy your meals minus the excessive aounts of oil, sugar, etc. It’s such a good feeling 🙂

Some people don’t realise so maybe you just have to let them know how you feel…

Writer: Adura Odesanya is a Fitness Instructor and Trainer who works with Fitter London. Having been overweight in the past, she recognises the challenges that many people face in trying to overcome weight loss and fitness challenges. She blogs at

Twitter: @adura_odesanya.

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