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So I had a really nice day today! Even though I slept at 3.30am last night (with my eyes shining even then like halogen lamps), and ‘started’ waking up from 8am, I had a nice day. I say ‘started waking up’ because I wasn’t fully awake till 10am, and that was thanks to a dear friend who didn’t stop calling me!! Thank you for waking me Cookie!!

After doing my devotion, I noticed that the heating was out (2nd time in three days) and so I tried calling the office but for some reason, no one picked up! I had started a mini debate in my mind on ‘the advantages and disadvantages of having a bath in the morning’ and truth? The ‘opposing’ side was winning o!

Now apart from getting upset (not really, I was more groggy than angry), I was grateful to God this didn’t happen during winter; I would just have become a ‘weiste’! By the way, isn’t it amazing how viral the ‘Chi gurl/Kilomde/discover me/teiste a peiste’ series have become? The power of social media, transcending distance!

Before I digress, God was merciful and the heating came back on of its own accord so yes, I had a bath! Felt happy this morning, maybe because I spent an extra minute thinking about my family and the wonderful friends I’ve got……or maybe I was just grateful for the heating! Anyways, I decided to ditch the dull colors you find yourself wearing in the name of staying warm, and be bright and colorful today! And guess what? I totally loved it!

After spending an extra minute powdering my nose (not), I rushed off to the Student’s Union lounge to sell Krispy Kreme doughnuts with Read International, a charity I volunteer with. Read International is based in the United Kingdom and was founded by some students in 2004; they gather primary and secondary school text books and send to schools in Tanzania and Uganda because they share the same curriculum with schools here. I found out about them thanks to a report I had to hand in for my Enterprise module, and I’ve been volunteering ever since!

I settled in nicely, and fortunately things seemed to be moving faster today than the week when we had a book sale; I mean I did everything but use my fairy powers to make people buy books, for where? Even though the books cost only £1 each! Imagine buying the Guinness Book of World Records (2010 edition o) for £1, amongst other amazing books, and yet people didn’t buy! To be honest, they did, but I wasn’t impressed at all!

Anyways, today seemed like a good day. Andy Watt went with me and did a great job of convincing, cajoling, arm twisting, *insert any other similar word here* people to buy the doughnuts, and boy did he rake in a sale! Thank you Andy!

I learnt a couple things about human beings today from the people who stopped by our table, whether they bought or not.

1. Peer pressure is powerful! Whether you like it or not, it is!! Some ladies passed by, and eventually came to the table, and one of them (I think the leader of the clique) said she wanted one doughnut. I gave it to her, and she turned to her buddies and said, ‘aren’t you guys buying any’, and like jazz, see ladies collecting doughnuts! Ah ha! And from the look on one of the ‘followers’ faces, she just might have been allergic to pastry!

2. This is probably a wrong analogy but my dad always said that for 419 to ‘catch someone’, the person must have already reached 417, or 418! Someone bought a doughnut today, and made sure she said (at least 1000 times) that she was buying because she had heard us ‘calling out’. In my mind I thought, ‘yeah, you walking past our table every two minutes would have definitely ensured that you would hear us ‘call out’; it was in your mind jor!

3. There’s no limit to what people will do when they believe in something – some guy came to the table and said he had just heard what the sale (and the charity) was about and what the money would be used for and so he just wanted to donate, not buy any doughnuts. He did, and I was touched… seriously!

My classmates came by……Leonie, Karen, and Jason,  it was wonderful to have them there! Plus I think the hats on all of us looked lovely!

I had a great time, didn’t think I would have this much fun! Did I mention it’s my first time of doing a bake sale? And so what if I bought one doughnut for myself!!

It’s really fulfilling working for Read International because I know the doughnuts we sold today will contribute to the transportation and placement of books in the hands of children less fortunate than I am. That works more wonders in the mind than you know!

P:S – We have a target to raise a little amount of money before the end of March, guess how I plan to raise mine? If your guess’s got two ‘K’s’ in it, buy yourself a drink – you’re right!

Writer : Chioma Chuka blogs at http://fairygodsister.wordpress.com/. Follow her on twitter @chiomachuka


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