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Thank you for being a loyal reader of Femme Lounge.  We are currently restructuring our website and our future, but we will be back soon with fabulous articles, features, and interviews.

In the mean time here are some readers’  favorites from our archives to keep you busy while we are away.


Here you go!

  1. 32 things women are afraid of!
  2. Interview with Amina Hassan of the House of Nodza
  3. Are You Having an Emotional Affair?
  4. The Secret life of a Fashionista
  5. Sell sex!
  6. Interview with Ofunneka Molokwu, Big Brother Africa 2nd Runner Up
  7. Bedwetting at 30
  8. Small is big!
  9. One Week in August
  10. 40 Things a Sista Should Never Apologize For
  11. Our faults, Others Doing?
  12. Stealing by Stealth
  13. If Your Hair is Not Red……….
  14. Interview with Folawe Banigbe , Publisher of Pregnancy and You
  15. What’s Age Gotta Do With it?
  16. 25 Random Things About Yomi
  17. Interview with Felice Bois of The Modern Day Black Momma Records
  18. 8 Ways To make Money This Season
  19. 8 Women Tell Us One Thing They Know For Sure
  20. Marketplace
  21. Special offer
  22. Polls
  23. How To Make Cup Cakes
  24. Cellphone Etiqutte
  25. Recognizing Everyday Miracle
  26. 5 Ways To Good Gossip
  27. Thank God it’s Monday
  28. 10 Shopping Tips
  29. In Linda’s Shoes
  30. Your Sin is Bigger Than Mine
  31. How To Plan a Bridal Shower
  32. Exploration of a Horny State of Mind
  33. Circle of Friends
  34. Whistle While You Work!
  35. Interview With God
  36. She’s Pretty, She’s Young, She’s Got Cancer
  37. Are You Killing Your Depressed Loved One With Kindness?
  38. Everyone has a story
  39. How to Walk Your Walk in 2010
  40. When a Woman Ruled the World
  41. 29 Things You Should Do You This Year!
  42. A Tale of Two Blouses
  43. The Heart Mender! – An Interview with Myne Whitman
  44. Fola Adewole ~ The Chic With A Magical Click!
  45. Be Fashigeous!
  46. Single Girls Tips For Valentine
  47. Real Women, Real Issue: Help! Jealousy Is Killing Me
  48. In My Dreams, It Was Simpler! – An Interview With Tolu Popoola
  49. Keep The Dream Alive Don’t Let It Die
  50. Small Is Big!
  51. Are Men Happier Than Women?
  52. iKnowForSure
  53. I Am Single And Happy Kini Big Deal?
  54. Help! I Am Married To A Serial Rapist
  55. 6 Ways To Be A Happy Bride
  56. How To Cope With The Loss of a Loved One
  57. Tarzan Monologue Vs V- Monologue
  58. Tosyn Bucknor’s Jeans For Genes
  59. Motherhood: 3 Women Tell Us As It Is
  60. Spicing IT With Hot Lingerie! 
  61. Rhoda Wilson’s New Look!
  62. Color Your Space!
  63. Am I Too Close For Comfort?
  64. Africa, Fashion, Style & Agbani – Stylogenic!
  65. Women! Do We Hate Each Other?
  66. Help! My Parents Are Ripping Me Off!
  67. When You Marry A Woman …….
  68. Child Sexual Abuse ~ Let’s Shatter The Silence!
  69. Bamitale ~ The Queen Of Shirts!
  70. Are You Really Date-able???
  71. Do You Have What It Takes To Start A Small Business?
  72. Asake, Apeke & Amoke: Who Is A Thief?
  73. Bomi Jolly ჱܓSunshine Girl!
  74. A Young Woman’s Memoir Of Madness
  75. A Heart-Breaking Event Turns A Divine Opportunity!!!!
  76.  Beware of Lazy Men!
  77. You And Your Househelps!
  78. How Bad Did You Want It?
  79. Marrying Timothy Matthews
  80. Ronke Lawal ~ Black, Beautiful, Brilliant!
  81. Real Women, Real Issues – Marathon!
  82. Femme Lounge Partners With YBW! 2010
  83. How Much Calories Does Your Body Need?
  84. Running a Home-Based Business?
  85. Recipe:Stewed Whiting Fish
  86. Considering Permanent Makeup?
  87. One Hazard of Being A Personal Assistant
  88. Sex-y On Hold
  89. 5 Things You Should Never Say To Your Kids!
  90. A Mystery Jigsaw & God’s Grand Design
  91. There Are No Ugly Girls, Only Poor Girls?
  92. 7 Beautiful Women, 1 Beautiful Event
  93. Drop Dead Diva? I Want It And I Want It Now!
  94. I Have A Dream!!!
  95. Do You Wish You Could Go Back In Time?
  96. The Good, Bad and Ugly of Me
  97. Breaking Up With The Captain
  98. How To Handle Online Romance
  99. Do Not Pass Me By!
  100. Will You Ever Tell Them?
  101. Is Your Skin Hungry?
  102. Business Of The Week – Dportas Foods
  103. When Your Man Is Impotent ……
  104. It’s Alright To Fail …..
  105. Love; What Money Has To Do With It.
  106. Shoes Are A Girl’s Bestfriend?
  107. If I Did It , You Can! – Adura Odesanya
  108. Yummy Mummy Couture ჱܓThe Preggie Diva!
  109. To Speak Or Not To Speak?
  110. The Wardrobe Swap Party
  111. From Africa With Exotic Beads ~ Duaba Serwa

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