AMVCA 2013: 3 Reasons Ivie Okujaye Rocked!


Ivie Okujaye won the Amstel Malta Box Office Reality show (AMBO4),  and subsequently played the lead role in “Alero’s Symphony”, an AMBO movie. She has also been a part of top rated movies and the well received online series ‘How She left My Brother’.

At the first Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards last week, she was named the TrailBlazer of the Year and here are three reasons we think she rocked at the event.

She deserves the award
From winning the AMBO4, to the award for the Best Young Actor for her first film ‘Alero’s Symphony’ at the 2012 African Movie Academy Award, Ivie has done well in the past few years and she has proved that she is definitely one to watch out for.

She gave a sweet acceptance speech
She wasn’t expecting the award so she was not prepared to give an acceptance speech, but for someone caught unaware, we think she did a good job. She turned away for few seconds to catch her breath and then turned around to give a heartfelt acceptance speech delivered with sincerity, emotion, and humor. One of the memorable ones of the night.

She was dazzling
There were many beautiful celebrities on the stage at the AMVCA, but in our opinion Ivie Okujaye is one of the best dressed. Her simple yet elegant dress and miminal accesories made her look effortlessly chic.

Congratulations Ivie, We wish you a fantastic career in Nollywood and beyond. Go places! We know you can.

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