Smelling The Vase Instead Of The Roses


I never see a woman pulling out the roses from a vase and saying, “wow, what a beautiful vase.”

Although the vase may be beautiful

The substance inside the vase matters more

I never ask for a cup of coffee minus the coffee

The cup has no value unless there’s something inside

It’s the substance that goes inside the vessel that makes a vessel valuable

LDP & Nakedsha wrote a post recently titled “What you have is enough

Really, what you have is enough…except you haven’t found it yet

We are clay pots filled with a treasure

There’s something lurking inside you and I

Something really unique

Don’t smell the vase instead of the roses

We often disqualify ourselves because we look at the exterior of our vessels

We ask ourselves whether we are worth the trouble

We try to be like someone else

Don’t neglect the gift that is already in You.


I sat in the pews three weeks ago and listened to Jason Norman speak some of the words above. I added some of my words to it as well.

Writer: Jennifer Erere Abayowa is a growing author and established blogger. She’s been writing on her blog, “Light-A-Lamp” under the pen name “Jaycee” since September 2006 and has gained over 37,000 visitors from 146 Countries around the world. Her website is www.lightherlamp.com. Her inspirational writings have attracted such awards as Most Inspiring blogger (2009), Best Religion Blog (2009 & 2010), and Best Personal Development Blog (2010)-Nigerian Blog Awards.         Twitter @lightherlamp

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