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Caring For Your Lingerie: Let’s Get Washing….



Hello Intimate Apparel Enthusiasts or IAEs as we like to say, how do we  celebrate the bra and the rest of our intimate apparel?

Well, it will be nice to ensure that we take advantage of the sunny tropical weather for those of us in the tropics and do the bra wash outdoors today. Hand wash and hang them out and let the rays of sun illuminate each fiber and of course let them dry naturally (don’t leave them out to spend the entire day and please let them come in for the night).

For our “not so warm weather readers”, do a gentle wash indoors and place them on hangers and let them dry in the bathroom.When they are dried, fold them neatly and pack them away in a drawer.

A little bit of your kitchen ingredients can keep them nice and fresh. Get about 3 cinnamon sticks and put them in the drawer between your items this week. Next week you can try another spice and keep the undie drawer cooking! Remember, our intimate apparel needs tons of care.

If you have to wash them in your washing machine (although I do not advocate this method), ensure you invest in a nice lingerie washing bag especially for your bras and never put them in a dryer. This destroys the metallic part of the cups. Whatever way you choose to care for your intimates, make sure you give em’ love!

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