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Women In Uniform: It's Not Greener There Either!


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Have you ever wished you could just reach out into your wardrobe and pick up a uniform to wear every morning without going through the hassle of finding the perfect outfit to wear to work? Well, many women do that every morning and guess what? It’s not greener on their side of the fence either!

They wear uniforms to work as pilots, officers, nurses, caterers, beauticians, retail workers, and many more. While it provides a convenience of sorts to them because they don’t have to deal with the daily hassle of what to wear or not to wear to work, its disbenefits seem to outweigh its benefits for many.

Having to wear the same type of outfit everyday with everyone can be quite boring, and the fact that they can’t get to stand out with their own sense of style and originality is something many women don’t enjoy.

If you are a style conscious woman who feels your sense of style is being restrained, here are some tips that can help you stand out and make the uniform your own.

  • Yes it a uniform, but your shape and size isn’t same with everyone else, make sure the uniform is sown to fit your shape and size, let it compliment your figure.
  • Being adventurous with your hair will also make you look more fashionable in uniform. Avoid having the same look for a long time, change your hairstyles often.
  • Let your shoes and handbag leave an impression. Since you are stuck in the same outfit every day, your shoes and bag can do a lot to create a style for you.
  • Wearing jewelleries that compliment you can also make you stand out from the pack. Cute eye-catching earrings, necklace and even anklets can do some magic!
  • Your make up can also be a useful way of spicing up your look. It doesn’t have to be loud or excessive, but using the right colours for your skin colour makes your face shine.
  • A well manicured nail also adds to your overall appearance, even if your work frowns at the use of colours, a natural looking but well manicured nail still looks good.
  •  Although it cannot be seen, but wearing a good perfume looks good on you too.

So if your next job requires you to wear auniform don’t worry, you can still look good and maintain your sense of style and stand out from many others wearing the same uniform.

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