Check That Bulb Girl!


If you’re like me the sheer magnitude of what your future represents keeps you awake at night. You toss and turn wondering how to figure out the what’s and the how’s. If you haven’t gotten to this point, er, check your bulb, the light’s probably not working.

The thing is pressure mounts when you get to this stage in life. You’re wondering how to make everything work at the same time. Getting ahead in your career ( or better still figuring out what exactly your career is), discovering how to make your relationship or marriage work, getting used to the idea of being a mother and generally trying hard to fit into all these new roles you’re now expected to fill. It can all be overwhelming and difficult to handle. Throw in the possibility of a setback, or lull in one of these areas of your life and you’re thrown into fresh hysteria

It’s okay to have a full plate. It’s okay to be doing all these and even much more. Women have been said to have high multitasking abilities (with some exceptions of course, I think I might fall into that category); we can get things done all at the same time with amazing results. However, sometimes we do everything but the very things we were made to do. We dot everyone’s Is and Ts and leave ours unattended to. I’m talking about purpose here. Knowing what you should do and doing it is the key to your fulfillment in life. And like I like to say it is your sure-fire passport to the good life.

Granted, a lot of us settle for what we can find, either because what we really want (which is usually a pointer to our purpose) is not available or attainable as far as we are concerned or we think it is not exactly lucrative enough to give us the kind of life that we want. While is it possible that your purpose be different from your career path, it is mostly one and the same.


Ask yourself if you have found what you should be doing? Or are you still running around in circles wondering when to start or even what to do

I learnt something profound recently. I mean it is so profound it knocked me off my feet! Okay, here it is… The clock is ticking!  Lol! So you knew that already? I did too. It’s just that my light came on (my bulb was working after all!) and I suddenly realised, just like we all do at one time or the other, that sitting around and wondering wasn’t going to do me much good

You cannot spend your whole life wondering, dreaming about what life could be like if you could do this or that. You need to get off your behind! And please don’t even begin to measure yourself by anybody’s standards. What you want to do may not be glamorous by today’s standards. You may not grace the cover of the glossy magazines for being the first woman to do this or that (we all like this don’t we?). You may not meet presidents or prime ministers. You may not earn six digits doing what you want to do. But you can be sure that if you’re willing to give your life all that you have, defying the odds and thinking of how to help others in the process, then the world better watch out for yo

On the other hand, you may actually meet Obama o or even hire a private financier to manage your estate! JYou just never know. But you’re certainly not going find out by flipping the channels on your TV every night when you could be planning and executing, or by burying your nose in every romance novel or gossip rag out there when you could be taking steps to living your dream

My light is on!

How about yours? It’s not? *gasp* Then you better check your bulb girl


Writer: Remi-Roy Oyeyemi is  a writer, managing editor, blogger and aspiring author. Check out her blog –  www.royremi.blogspot.com

photocredit – http://www.smart-kit.com

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