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10 Ways To Make Your Shopping More Fun.


When it comes to shopping there are two major types of women, those who simply love it and have absolutely no problem carving out time and money for a little fun shopping and those who find it about as alluring as scrubbing the bathtub and puts it nowhere near their top priority. Whether you are a pro, an anti shopper or someone just in between you will find these tips helpful for a successful shopping.

Take Stock

First take stock of what you already have, throw out the unusable, give away the ones you are tired of, and mend the repairable.

Make a List

Figure out what items you need to get, make a detailed list in order of priority, it will help you know what items you should be looking for at the mall.


Impulsive buying makes you spend money you didn’t plan to and living in debts isn’t so chic. So before you go shopping determine how much you can spend. Make a budget, stick to it, don’t spend more than you can afford.

Feel Good

It is important that you go shopping when you are feeling really good about yourself, it boosts your self esteem and helps you go for the stuff that suits you best.

Be Comfortable

Wear light things that are easy to get in and out of when trying on the clothes, without smearing your make up all over, loosing your earrings, dropping your wig or needing the help of a co shopper every now and then.

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Choose the right time

Shopping is also more fun when you choose to shop when the stores are least crowded, you will be able to take your time to search, try on and ponder before you choose, without getting in other people’s way or having them in yours.

Have Fun

This is particularly important for the anti shoppers, let it be a time out rather than a task. Invite your friends along, choose stores that you love, free the day of any other engagement and have fun.


Never give up on a sure thing, you know the cuts, fabrics, styles and colors that will enhance your figure and looks good on you, don’t allow someone to talk you out of what works best for you. And don’t compromise to buy just anything if you don’t find something you are absolutely sure about, go to another store or go back when they have new collection.

Mirror! Mirror! Mirror!

Don’t assume it will fit, always try cloths in front of a mirror at the store to be sure it’s your size and it fits the way you want. Don’t be in a hurry to leave, take time to ensure you look good in it

Go For Quality

Never ever compromise on the best quality you can afford. Yeah you might not be able to afford the top of the range designers but there sure are different grades of quality, don’t go lower that you can afford.

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