Something For The Weekend: Lindy Didn’t Kill Her Baby, A Dingo Did.


On the night of 17 August 1980, Lindy and her Husband Michael reported their child had been taken by a dingo on a family trip to Uluru. The story was not believed, the body was not recovered and the jacket that Lindy claimed her daughter was wearing was not discovered. A case was built against Lindy Chamberlain for murder. She was tried and sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labour in 1982. They made several unsuccessful appeals.

It was a trial that got a lot of media attention, according to Wikipedia, “The story has been made into a TV movie, the feature film Evil Angels (released outside of Australia and New Zealand as A Cry in the Dark),a TV miniseries, a play by Brooke Pierce, a concept album by Australian band The Paradise Motel and an opera, Lindy, by Moya Henderson. Numerous books have also been written about the case.

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She was over three years into her sentence when something happened in 1986, a tourist David Brett fell to his death from Uluru during an evening climb, it took them eight days to discover his body close to an area full of dingoes. As the police searched for missing bones that might have been carried away by dingoes, they discovered a piece of clothing. On closer examination it was found to be baby Azaria’s jacket! Close to the dingoes’ lair.

New inquests were opened, and Lindy was released, but it took another 26 years since the jacket was found for the cause of Azaria’s death and disappearance to be announced. Last week, 12 June 2012, at a fourth inquest, Coroner Elizabeth Morris delivered her findings that Azaria Chamberlain had been taken and killed by a dingo!

Azaria and Michael were finally cleared and their claims confirmed after a gruelling 32years. Read more here

Only God knows how many innocent people are in jail right now, because of what they knew nothing about. For some the truth will die with them in their prison cells and their names will go down in history as criminals for crimes they never committed. Sad. Really Sad.

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