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How To Keep Your Job After Fighting Your Boss.


Working in an office can be a trying experience. There is bound to be incidents that you will wish you could take back especially when frustration and resentment build up to heated arguments between the boss and employee. When this happens, the results can be disastrous, especially if  one of the people involved has a short temper. Issues that would normally be easily resolved can get out of control and end up with harsh words being shouted back and forth.

After an argument with a superior, the relationship can remain strained for several days or weeks. This creates poor working conditions and  leaves the employee wondering if he or she will have a job in the morning. Losing your job means losing your income and having a blemish on your employment record. Nobody wants that.

It is therefore important that you handle the situation and communication with your supervisor with great care. You can start by having a discussion about what happened, making sure that you apologize for the harsh words that you spoke, and explain that if you had a chance to do it over, you would do it differently.

Management prefers professionalism and honesty. When an employee is honest, there is more of a chance that no action will be taken. Usually, when only harsh words are spoken, a reprimand is added to the employees record. However, too many reprimands can also lead to dismissal.

Sometimes it may also be necessary to involve a third party to arbitrate the meeting. This can be the best way to solve all problems and soothe hurt and angry feelings.

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