Ripe For Marriage? These May Be Signs.


Editor’s Note: I didn’t have the luxury of self-discovering my ‘ripeness’ for marriage. With a mother like mine who needs signs to be reminded it’s time for marriage? From when I graduated at  age twenty-two until I got married at twenty-eight, she was my biological clock’s official ring tone. God Bless Mothers.

Whether we want it or not, there are always things around us telling us we need to get married. In today’s piece, a lovely young woman, Temitola Ojo shares with us a few things she and her friends have been experiencing. Surely signs that a relationship is needed!

She wrote;

Recently, I have been thinking about some things that I have been experiencing lately, they are quite interesting but also disturbing. These things happen especially when I hear about friends who are getting married, and after watching loads of romantic movies that leaves me yearning for romance, which frankly I haven’t had in a while.

One morning as I struggled with my reading, trying to separate the word ‘love’ from every sentence I read, I picked up my pen and wrote; “I think I am having the signs and symptoms of Marriage”.  I smiled as I thought of all my friends that must be having these signs and symptoms.  Here are some of the signs:


  1. Always daydreaming about a faceless guy coming to sweep you off your feet
  2. Hugging your pillow really tight
  3. Having sleepless nights
  4. Always feeling lonely
  5. Taking every smile or sincere compliment from a guy as a sign of attraction
  6. Charging phone once in two days because it never rings.
  7. Adding guys or girls as friends on Facebook just because they look good and rejecting the ones that don’t impress you.
  8. When your phone finally rings, you try to keep the person on line for as long as you can because you never know when you will get a call again.
  9. Watching romantic movies endlessly…. even when you don’t understand their language
  10. The need to get noticed by all means… doing stupid things you will never have thought you can do.
  11. Blaming your friends and family for not giving your number to their friends or colleagues in the office.
  12. Looking at people’s fingers to check for a ring
  13. Visiting wedding sites
  14. Let’s not even start on prayer points every morning.
  15. Secretly hoping a guy will ask for your number and making moves to ensure he does that.
  16. Wishing the guy/girl you love breaks up with other girl/guy
  17. Changing your BB or Facebook profile picture, every second (ok every few minutes) every day or every week (depending on how severe).
  18. Obsession about catching the bride’s flowers at a wedding.
  19. Being invited to a party and thinking “Maybe I will meet Mr. right or Mrs. Left there”
  20. Suddenly remembering all your crushes and silly love way back in primary school or secondary school and hoping maybe you’ll bump into them someday (unmarried and unengaged of course).
  21. Did I mention flirting… hmmmmm *raised eye brow*


If symptoms persist…  I have no idea what next you can do.


Writer: Temitola Ojo blogs at and tweets as @Temitweety


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