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 Hello readers! Every Sunday we will be publishing women-related news from all over the world.  Whether its politics, health or entertainment, If it’s about women then we are interested, and we will give you a recap of the week’s interesting happenings. Here is some of this week’s women-related news!


Who needs a pink pen when we can have a blue pen?
Stationery manufacturer BIC has  faced a lot of ridicule this week for designing a range of pink and purple pens just ‘for her’.  Apparently many women don’t find it funny that the company thinks that it has be pink and purple to attract women. It is kind of patronising but hey we buy many other “hers” products too. Don’t we?



How many boyfriends can a girl have? The answers are shocking!
Did you see the battabox video?  The interviewer asked a number of Nigerian ladies how many boyfriends they think a woman should have and why. It’s not really shocking to know that some women date more than one man at a time, what is really shocking about this video is their boldness. I mean you have more than one boyfriend and you aren’t scared to say that on TV?  or were they acting?



Starve your husband of sex…Then the president will resign.
In order to put pressure on the country’s men to urge the president to resign, a group is calling on women to go on sex strike in Togo. Apart from getting a lot of media attention to their cause, do sex strikes ever work? How exactly will denying your partner sex make the president resign? I wonder.


Why can’t we choose one gender over the other?
So this week it emerged that more women from Britain are paying thousands of pounds to go to USA to select the sex of their baby. Apparently gender selection is banned in the UK but in the US, Doctors at fertility clinics can plant an embryo after checking that the child will have the preferred gender.  Why is it banned in the UK, though? Is it considered wrong to choose one gender over the other?



From “obey” to “submit”. What exactly is the big deal?
In Sydney it’s been a busy week for the Anglican Church as they try to convince the public that changing “obey” to “submit” in the marriage vows for women isn’t sexist! That is one hell of a sticky situation. How will they now prove it’s not an anti-women sentiment?




You don’t like fifty shades of grey? Here is an invite to a bonfire!
If you haven’t heard about Fifty Shades of Grey by now, you must be living under the rock! Last week a charity for abuse victims came out with a plan to burn copies of the erotic bestseller. Okay, I get it not everyone will like a badly written erotic book, but to burn it sounds too extreme. This is 2012 yo!



That’s it for today! Check out the links and feel free to tell us about any interesting news you’ve read. See you next week and please don’t forget to share this!

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