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When Love Turns Cold, Should Ex-lovers Turn Cold Too?


By B. Babson

Is it a new trend for some people to go out of their way to ruin an ex’s life? Or maybe I’m just beginning to hear these stories. What is there to gain from bringing misery to another person just because s/he dared to end a relationship? Does it bring relief? Joy?

What about an extramarital affair? Should there be any reasonable expectation that an extramarital affair will never end? I guess my first question should have been: is it a new trend to release nude pictures of exes because the affair ended? What does a person gain from ruining someone else’s life because s/he broke away from an affair?

When I heard about the story of the married woman whose compromising pictures were released by a jilted lover, I was angry for the lady’s husband and her family for the depression and sadness that has been brought upon them. Numerous thoughts raced through my head in a trice: will they be able to get through the shame? Does she have young kids that will be scarred for life? What of aged parents? Why didn’t the jilted lover consider them? Why should they have to pay for a crime they have not committed?

What world do we live in that someone somewhere, a woman for that matter, thought it was okay to promote such an image on her blog? Couldn’t she have asked the boy to provide his own pictures too so that we can put them side-by-side? After all, one cannot tango alone so why tell a half story? My heart goes out to the innocent people in this. It’s in bad taste for the boy and the bloggers who fed his madness, and I just don’t know any other colorful way to say that.
Why anyone thought her pictures taken in private are for public consumption enough to help circulate it beats me? Granted, she should not have had an extramarital affair. But like a horde of men and women. Naturally, they had sex. Or what were they supposed to be doing in an illicit affair? Playing poker? Or, literally, tangoing? So exactly what is she being humiliated for? For the affair? Well, what about the immature, pathetic dolt of a boy who did not see anything wrong in engaging in the affair? Are the bloggers rewarding him at the expense of his partner-in-crime? Double standard, eh?

People who have no reservation about having an affair in any capacity have questionable character. Why should anyone think they can trust such a person with something so damaging, so compromising as a nude picture? You cannot trust anyone who is conspiring with you to break another’s trust, and they should never trust you either. No exception. Don’t be fooled.
On the one hand, I wonder what possess a person to pose for such, but yet I get that love can make one take leave of one’s senses. So I can’t even imagine what infatuation can make one do.


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