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How Should I Respond To Offensive Anonymous Comments By Friends?


By A Dissapointed Blogger

I published an article that attracted many comments on my blog recently.

Two of the comments were anonymous and really offensive. They were more directed at attacking me rather than disagreeing with the post, which was even written by a guest blogger. When I read them I guessed who the two people were, they had unknowingly given out themselves by some things they said.

I didn’t have any proof so I let it go. Some weeks later I discovered there is a way I could know who they were through their IP addresses. I did and was shocked to see that my guess was right.

They are  friends and I thought we were friends too. The sad thing is that they have been carrying on like they wish me well and love my blog.

As much as I will like to pretend like it is nothing I can’t get over the fact that they could hide behind anonymousity to tarnish my image and discredit my work while they say nice things to my face. Should I just pretend like I don’t know what they did or confront them about it?

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