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Review: Lara Daniel’sThe Officer’s Bride


By Shola Okubote

Nafisah found love in an evil place. That is odd. What are the chances that a vulnerable teenager who watched her family being murdered, who was sexually assaulted by the murderer and then arrested with the murderer as a suspected coup plotter, will become a woman who loves and is loved? That is slim.

Two things could have happened to Nafisah; she could have been executed by the General’s men or she could have become one of his many sex slaves. Two things could have happened until a third thing happened. She was rescued by Colonel Edward.

Two things could have happened after she got rescued by the Colonel, he could have given her protection in exchange for sex, or protection with no strings attached. Two things could have happened until a third thing happened. They fell in love.

Two things could have happened after they fell in love, he could have remained a loyal aide to the General or he could have led his men to assassinate the General. Two things could have happened until the third thing happened………….

The Officer’s Bride by Lara Daniel is a well written Novella set in Northern Nigeria. The relationship between the main characters was supercharged with love, hope and faith; the country they lived in too was supercharged with hatred, despair and fear . Lara Daniel did a good job making a knot out of the two.

The Officer’s Bride is highly recommended. Here is where to get it

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    December 1, 2012 at 1:52 pm

    I want a copy miss lara daniels. How do I get mine?

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