Committing to Your Spouse When You Have Children

As the saying goes, marriages are made in heaven and held on the earth. To make your marriage full of bliss, many factors matter. First of all you should be committed to each other, you must have respect and along with that you should know to trust each other. Each one of you must be ready to take responsibility, and have the confidence to tackle any sort of circumstances.

In our society, marriage is the fundamental social institution. The raising of children is the central rule of nature and so is the attachment of father to a child. The whole nation is blessed with economical, emotional, and physical health through marriage, and so are the men, women, and children.

Men as well as women are always keen on having a committed and faithful spouse. As soon as children come into your life, your responsibility increases and you have to maintain a balance between them. Working people should equally balance their work and family.

On many occasions it becomes hectic to maintain such a balanced life. But there are no such situations which do not have a solution. If there is understanding between both the spouses you can get back to your work and get your professional and social identity back. It’s a universal truth that taking care of a child is the priority of a woman. But time has revolutionized, it is no longer the same. In many countries there are families, where the moms go out to work and the fathers do the baby sitting.

Many often the moms get so much involved with their children that they lose their sense of self worth. That usually happens when the child is very young, but gradually you start realizing and try to give time to your self. Some times it happens that you even forget about your spouse and all the romance and the time you had together skips away. But it’s never late for any thing.

Even if sometimes you find it uncomfortable and compromising when you realize that every thing is not the same as it used to be before, you can still have those days back in your life and have those special moments with your spouse. How about going for a special candle light diner on weekends? You can leave your children near the baby sitter or the grandparents, if you are fortunate enough.

Nowadays many baby sitting institutions are there where you can leave your kids with out any headache. So, utilize all the facilities that are offered, to spend a few blissful moments with your beloved. Conventional wisdoms have always restricted in the way of upbringing your kids. Try to think it in an expansionist way that the multiple roles benefits our emotional health and financial well being.

To educate and make your child a well behaved human being is the responsibility of both the parents. But it doesn’t mean that you take a back seat to your job. As soon as the children grow up they will live their own life and move on to a new direction of their choice. No matter how caring and loving your children are towards you, the only person who will always be there through out your ups and downs is your spouse.

So, the most important thing in a husband wife relationship is the commitment you make towards each other regardless of all the outcomes.

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