SheSaidThis: Jada Pinkett Smith’s Letter To A Friend Who Is Feeling Strangled In Her Marriage.


With 1,598 comments, 2,003 shares and 19,414 likes at the time of publishing this, Jada Pinkett Smith must have said something that made sense to many people. We’ve heard it before, but she said it in another way, Marriage is not a one-size-fit-all thing. Here is the marriage advice to a friend that she shared on her Facebook page. What do you think?


A letter to a friend:

You say you are feeling strangled in your marriage. I’m going to suggest an idea. Remember…its simply a suggestion.

Too often, marriage is expected to have a cookie cut existence. We are told marriage is not a marriage unless it looks a specific way. It’s these boxes that create titles. It’s these titles that create simple, black and white explanations for people who want to believe that they know who we are and who we are not, according to the criteria of the box. These explanations give people a false sense of control, a false sense of safety, and tend to be more…strangling then anything else.

Do an exercise. Throw all these titles in your marriage away. Perhaps, give your husband the title… life partner. Give your marriage the title of union…maybe. Simply release your marriage, your husband and yourself from the criteria. Maybe this will create an opportunity to find something new, fresh and expansive.

Life doesn’t have to be about remaining the same and fearing what is outside the box. Your life, your marriage is art. Create, tear down and recreate again in order to keep up with your growth and happiness. THAT is MORE important…than the boxes and the criteria that comes with them.

Remember, the most courageous, world changing minds have had to step out of the box to create mind blowing realities.

Don’t fear! Live!


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