It Happened To Me

The Dana Plane Crash Changed My Life This Year

By Angel Works
Many people lost their lives in the Dana Plane crash including several acquaintances and friends of friends. This tragic incident and the recent loss of my older brother, opened my eyes anew to our mortality.
We are but specks of dust, significant to our Creator and our loved ones, but without the ability to extend our lifespan by a single minute.  So we have to seize the day, make every moment count, and live life as though each day were the last. No more assumptions that we can repent for our sins much later, or making excuses for not following our dreams, and bearing grudges against people we should hold dear.
Being young is no guarantee that time is on your side either; it is the arrogance and ignorance of the youth that causes him to sneer that the old have expired. He should realise that he may never get the same chance they have had for a long and full life.
I am not depressed or morbid: on the contrary, I desire the freedom to live life as God intended it, with hope, expectation, joy and peace in my heart. So that when my time inevitably comes, whether sooner or later, I will be ready.

Writer: Angel Works

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