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Hello Abimbola. Please tell us more about you.
I am a laughter loving woman who feels very blessed to be alive. I am a child of God, a wife to an amazing man, and mother to a wonderful daughter. I attended Vivian Fowler Memorial College for girls in Nigeria, and then moved to the UK for my first degree and master’s degree. I love to tell stories (even when I am not writing), and enjoy a good laugh with my friends.  I am very down to earth (sometimes embarrassingly so), and I love to eat.

How does it feel seeing your first book on the shelves?
It was like a dream come true. The entire process has just been amazing and humbling, and I thank God. Sometimes, I have to remind myself that it happened. That I am an author. That real people are reading my book. (smile)

What is The Small Print all about?
A desperate need. Ambitious illegal Immigrant Wale Ademola has the perfect solution to avoid deportation: a contract marriage to attractive stranger, Jennifer Lennox. Nothing could possibly go wrong- that is until Jennifer makes a demand that threatens to jeopardize Wale’s greatest desire. A seductive mistake Sheltered Christian housewife Sade Williams thinks nothing of secretly working behind her husbands back. When a devastating discovery at home causes Sade to question the integrity of her marriage and faith, she turns to her charming colleague, Wale for comfort. And then the unthinkable happens… A deadly obsession. Embittered by a wrecked contract and a shattered heart, Jennifer Lennox sets on the warpath of vengeance… Twisted in a web of infidelity, deceit and lies, three individuals must battle insurmountable challenges- on a journey across two continents- to discover that it is in the midst of despair, confusion and desperation that God’s unconditional; all- consuming love shines the brightest.

Why did you write this book?
I had a blog that I ran from 2006- 2008 called Bimbylads blog.  During my years as a blogger, I started a story that for some crazy reason was enjoyed by a lot of people. After I stopped blogging, and was on maternity leave, I started to edit the story. It was during that process that I was compelled to make the story Christian Fiction.

Small Print is Christian Fiction, that isn’t something we see a lot around here, is it?
Christian fiction is a very popular genre in the US. In the UK and in Nigeria, it’s still very new, but from the way the Small Print has been received, I think the genre will get bigger and better by God’s grace.

 How has been the feedback? Do you think the Nigerian market is ready for this genre?
The feedback has been amazing- totally not my own doing. I have had a lot of support from online and print media including Linda Ikeji, Genevieve Magazine, TW Magazine, Bella Naija , Femme Lounge and many others.  Nigeria needs Christian fiction. And I think of no better time than now for aspiring Christian fiction writers to launch out.

Was there any time you felt like quitting or got really overwhelmed?
Too many times to count. The writing process is a lonely and daunting process. It takes a lot of determination and encouragement. The Holy Spirit encouraged me to keep writing, plus family (husband, mother, brother, in-laws and close friends) did not let me rest. They were always on my case to keep writing. At times, they believed more in my writing than I did. I’ll advice anyone out there who feels overwhelmed by a novel they are working on to just keep going. Finish the first draft, then take a rest. The hardest part is finishing that first draft!

Your happiest moment so far on this journey?
I have many happy moments. Each time I get an email from a reader who says The Small Print blessed them, I feel like dancing. One of the most dramatic moments for me was when I saw that the Small Print in the top 25 best seller list for religious romance on Amazon UK.

What is a typical writing day like for you?
I hardly write during week days because I work full time. A typical writing day on a weekend starts with me heading off to the café. I get there, grab a seat where I can gaze out the window and order a cup of latte. Then I start to write… and don’t stop until the café closes. I try to do this once a week.

Apart from your writing skills what other skills and knowledge have been of help in achieving this?
Social networking skills are a must for any aspiring author. Facebook and twitter are very useful. You can reach millions of potential readers with a touch of a button. It also helps to be down to earth and friendly. I try to respond to every single email I receive from a reader and try to be friends with other authors..

So many women dream of writing a book someday, is having a story idea enough to do that?
An idea is great. It’s a seed. But it’s not enough. Writing is determined, crazy hard work. You have to take the idea and transform it into a beautiful picture with words. Then you have to edit it as much as you can and then publish it… then the hard work of marketing the novel begins.

What is the overall message you hope readers get from reading your book?
That God’s saving grace is for all through Jesus.

Where can we get more details about your book?
1. Out now on Amazon.

2. Nigeria;
– Patabah bookstores Adeniran Ogunsanya Shopping Mall.
– Laterna Bookstores,13 Oko Awo Close, VI.
– The Hub Bookstore, Shoprite Lekki. Debonair Yaba

Abimbola’s website


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    December 10, 2012 at 2:29 pm


    I remember that blog. Twas one of my favourites back then. I’ll look out for the small print on Amazon



    December 11, 2012 at 8:10 am

    Bimbylads!!! I kinda really love this woman. She’s amazing. God bless you!! (and you know I will keep disturbing you until TSP 2 surfaces 🙂 ).

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