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Hello Myne, it’s good to have you here.
Thanks for having me. I love Femme Lounge BTW, and always come over here to relax

First came The Heart Mender, then Love Rekindled, how has been the feedback?
The feedback continues to be more than I ever imagined. I got loads of reviews that have helped me to work on my writing and make it better and I’ve also received so many readers who simply enjoyed the stories and keep asking for more. This means for me, that the demand is out there and so I am encouraged to keep working.

It’s your second book now; do you still feel excited when you see it on the shelves?
Definitely. Something about A Love Rekindled just makes me smile. The designers chose great colors and models for the cover, and when I pick it to browse, I find myself getting lost in Efe and Kevwe’s story all over again.

The more books you write the easier it should be. Isn’t it?
LOL…not really. It just makes me more determined to do better and work harder.

How do you think you have progressed as a writer?
I think there are some aspects that working with an editor on those two books helped me. I will certainly not be making some simple copywriting mistakes like knowing where to put commas and so on. More than those, I have also learnt how to channel emotion and how to say what I want in as clear a manner as possible while carrying readers along. Also, after having shared pieces of myself in two book, it is easier for me to dig deeper and pull out even more when writing which is what lends greater authenticity and emotional gravitas to a story.

What did you know now that you wished you had known when you just started?
That it would be like this, it gets easier. When I started, I was so afraid, afraid of rejections, afraid of sharing myself, so many fears. But the fear was helpful in some ways, it meant I researched well and so was very prepared for what I was going into.

Your two books are self published, how has it been promoting and marketing them?
It has been a lot of hard work. But with adequate knowledge, and with the right connections and people, I am only thankful and know that more returns are on the way.

You manage Naija Stories, you blog daily and write novels, how do you make it all work?
Good time management. I laughed as I wrote that because I know how hard it is, but writing it down is so easy. But seriously, I have schedules, calendars and to-do lists and they help me keep on track. Sometimes I drop the ball, I get sidetracked by life, or by social media, but I pick it up and keep working. While I work hard, I also try to take a long-term approach to these things so that I don’t burn out.

What does a typical writing day in the life of Myne Whitman look like?
Very boring. I spend most of it in front of my laptop or more recently with my phone, type tapping away. Most often though, I do stuff in advance, like my blog and the stories on Naijastories, and they get automatically published. My writing is more demanding and it’s just the hard slog of typing and getting the story down.

It seems you’ve got a lot admiration in the Nigerian Blogsville, how helpful has that been?
Unquantifiable. Honestly, without the encouragement and community of the Nigerian Blogsville, I’d probably be licking my wounds by now, LOL… They launched A Heart to Mend and the star has been on the up and up since then.

Having written two romance books, should we expect more or do you plan to write a different genre soon?
I plan to only write romance novels for now. There are three more books scheduled for the next few years. In between I may publish some articles from my blog, some of my corny poetry, that sort of thing

Fifty Shades Of Grey has been described as a badly written book, yet it is making millions in sales, as a writer does that tell you anything about readers behaviour?
It is something that I’ve always known as a romance reader myself since my early teens. Danielle Steele never won a pulitzer, man booker or nobel prize, yet she has sold million and NTA used to serialize some of the movies made from her books. For me, these are the real books that mould culture and has been the reason I determined from when I decided to write that I would focus on popular fiction.

More details about your work?
Well, those who want to know more about me can check out my blog, Thanks for this opportunity.


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    1 + The One

    December 13, 2012 at 3:16 pm

    Great inspiration! I wonder how you have time for ALL you do and still be able to look around, comment and encourage other bloggers 🙂 God bless you xx

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