Lynda Omerekpe: Excuses Are Predators.

Have you ever been in a situation where you made a mistake or did something wrong but couldn’t explain just how it happened? YES…I’ve been there too.

Then did you try to make excuses for your actions or try to blame someone else for what happened? Probably you had to make excuses to abate the effects of the consequences, e.g. using traffic as excuse for coming late to work…yeah I’m guilty of that too. But the worst mistake one can ever make in life is to blame the world, society, background, environment etc. for not achieving your dreams. Your life goes in the path that you decide not what it throws at you. What have you desired to accomplish that you’ve been making excuses for?

Excuses are life’s predators seeking to prey on those who are willing to succumb to its deceitful acts. It tends to feed on the part of a human that makes him/her take responsibility for their life, actions and decisions. Excuses take away the zeal to fight, the courage to push forward and the maturity to take responsibility for your actions. Sometimes, it can slow down a person’s growth in life…keeping him/her stagnant and ignorant. This is because when people know that there’s always a means of escape they restrain from pushing themselves out of their comfort-zone; choosing instead to wallow in quagmire. Till you leave your comfort zone, you never know how far you can go in life.

When you make a mistake, admit that you have; by so doing you stand a chance of learning something new by taking corrections. Taking full responsibility of your actions, makes you accountable for what happens in your life – this will motivate you to keep yourself in check, be diligent in all things and strive for excellence.

The key factors you will need are Determination and Focus. Someone who is determined has no limitations, there’s absolutely nothing he/she cannot achieve. When you’re determined, you will be willing to succeed against all odds and will want to learn from mistakes. You can literally spread your wings and fly as high as you can. Finally, NEVER lose your focus; keep your gaze on those things you need to achieve that dream, keep at it and never give up.

No more excuses…it’s time to take responsibility and do something.

 There’s a lesson to learn in every mistake,

An opportunity to excel in every challenge,

It all depends on how you look at it…


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  1. You’re right babe! No MORE excuses! Oh! How I hate excuses!!!!!

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