Ngozi Nwoke: Benefits Of Going To Church For Family Life


By Ngozi Nwoke

“I don’t want to go to church!” screams a little boy. “I don’t feel like going to church”, says a parent. You must have heard or said one of these sentences many times or at least twice. This calls for a reflection on the benefits of church going for family life.

An understanding of these benefits will change our perspective and attitude towards making the trip to church, no matter the distance or how we feel at that time.

The benefits:

1. Obedience to God
God commanded us in Hebrews 10:25, not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together. This is for our own good so that we will not be swept away by the things of the world. So, as a family we obey God by going to Church.

2. Fellowship
When families go to church together, they interact with other families and learn from one another. What was a challenge in one family life will be easily solved by learning how another solved it. The Bible says in Proverbs 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so a friend sharpens a friend”. (NLT)

3. Family Life moulding
Church going is crucial and plays a major part in moulding our family life. The teachings mould our individual characters which we manifest in the family. My family is built on love, honesty, integrity, openness, faithfulness, discipline and trust because individually we have these moulded in us through the teachings we get from church.

4. Service
As a car needs to go in for service so also families need to go to church to be serviced. We learn more about God and how to live a victorious Christian life as a family. Many questions in our minds are answered and solutions to problems are given as we listen to the man of God preaching. Even, we are also ministered to through the songs, testimonies, prayers, etc. Furthermore, we are given opportunities to serve God in the church as a family through service units like choir, ushering team, etc. All these help to cement and maintain the joy we have in our family life

5. Networking
Many Christians wonder how they are to socialize. Going to church gives the platform to do that. You meet and get to know new people who love God like you. Some of these people may have some things in common with your family. These may generate a relationship that will be beneficial to both families, financially or otherwise.

6. Avoidance of trouble
We have kept away from troubles because we chose to be in church when there was service in church.  The people whoould have put us into trouble did not find us available for outings that would have ruined our family life.

7. Choice of company
Going to church enables you to choose the right company to keep. Children make friends with people that love God and will never lead them astray. Children who go to church and participate fully with their hearts tend to overcome peer pressure more.

8. Choice of spouse
When you go to church, you have the opportunity to meet and marry a God fearing person. The marriage foundation will be solid because both of you are on the same spiritual platform which is needed for a successful family life

9. Peace
Families who go to church enjoy peace at home. Jesus, the prince of peace who we fellowship with in church, follows us home to continue the fellowship there.  The word of God in us individually produces peace in us which ultimately reflects in our relationship with one another

10. Channel for salvation
Most importantly, church going gives people the opportunity to change and give their lives to Christ Jesus. God wants people to come to church no matter what they may have done. The word of God we hear constantly produces the faith to be saved. And if any member of the family is yet to give his or her life to Jesus, continued church going will eventually help the person(s) to be saved.

Many families are going through a lot of challenges that are tearing them apart. Going to church consistently and participating fully will solve that problem. The wisdom for solving family issues is always delivered in church. Is there anything that can stop one from going to church now?


Writer: Ngozi Nwoke blogs at where you will find helpful information on how to take steps with God and succeed in every area of your life. She tweets as @NgoziNwoke

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    debby 'baro

    January 29, 2013 at 2:06 pm

    Thanks Ngozi. This is the best advise any family can ever get. It’s the path to a fulfilled family life.

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