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SheSaidThis: Chika Unigwe On Rape And Victim-Blaming


Here is a hard knock on the head for the rape culture that keeps blaming the victim while the perpetrators walk away free – “Rape doesn’t happen to a ‘certain kind’ of girl. It is perpetrated by a ‘certain kind ‘of man” – Chika Unigwe

Rape knows no boundaries. It doesn’t matter what you wear, who you are, where you are or what you look like. From an old menopausal woman to a young child who is still learning how to walk, this horrible crime happens to women of all ages and lifestyles. Rapist attempt to or actually attack anyone. Rapists strike, regardless of what the woman does, says or wears. Saying victims deserve to be raped for “putting herself in that situation” is very unacceptable.

A culture that blames victims for being raped rather than blaming the rapist is a culture that encourages rape.   Rapists will keep walking away free until we stop putting blames on the victims and start going after these criminals.

Chika Unigwe, a Nigerian writer and author has been tweeting about different issues surrounding rape at @chikaunigwe

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