Mr Successful vs Mr Potential: What Is Wrong With Liz Anjorin’s Choice?


By Shola Okubote

Liz Anjorin, a Nigerian Actress had an interview with Punch Newspaper last week, she said many things about her life and career, but the interview will be remembered for what she said about her preference for men who are not poor.

It reminded me of an episode of Moments with Mo I watched recently, five women including Mo Abudu, Onyeka  Onwenu and Ifeoma Williams were talking about money. The discussion became really interesting when they started talking about the need to have a partner who is financially strong, and why many women are not interested in marrying the man with potential when they can have a man whose potential has already been turned into success.

This is a summary of that discussion;

When it comes to Mr Potential, two things can happen;
1. In some months or years down the line his potential can turn to success and he can become more successful than you ever thought.
2. His potentials and dreams may never become anything successful and twenty years down the line he may turn out to be the man going somewhere but who never got there.

When it comes to Mr Successful two things can also happen;
1. He can be financially comfortable now, but what if in the future he loses everything and is never able to get that stability back. (what are the chances right?)
2. He is and will continue to be strong financially!

I think every woman will have to make the decision based on the things she considers most important when choosing a life partner and be ready to deal with the risk that may come with her choice. Liz Anjorin has made her own choice.






    February 25, 2013 at 12:34 pm

    I get where Liz and the others are coming from…Mr. Potentioal might become successful and wake up to realize you are not to be part of the future but with Mr. Successful, you know what you are going for and the future is at least quaranteed to an extent

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