Sara Coppola: A Romantic Master Plan for Couples


Months, or even years have passed since your first date with your beloved and you have now been together, what seems like, forever. Long-term relationships are beautiful but most couples forget what it sometimes takes to keep the fire burning. The result is a dull relationship, which often leads to a break up. Thus, it is important for both parties to keep each other interested and this guide is for guys who want to please their girls.

 Make sure she is available
If you plan to surprise her, it is no use to plan a romantic day with dinner and the whole shebang when she has to work or has a date with her girlfriends, or worse, her mother.  Therefore, you may consider calling her boss and ask for a day off, as most likely she will not have any other plans than work that day. Make sure to pick her up from work (in a horse carriage if necessary).

Take her to a spa
A spa is always a winner in girls’ eyes. It is a relaxing place to get a massage at and forget problems.  If you want to go all in, include a facial and a breakfast with fruits and healthy juices. She will appreciate your healthy approach to your day together.

Plan to engage in an activity of her choice
Plan for spending a couple of hours between the spa and dinner, only doing what she would like to do. After the spa, you are going to ask her to come up with an idea of her own and say yes to the first thing that comes to her mind. It will be spontaneous and she will feel appreciated and feel like this day completely about her. Make sure you dedicate a couple of hours so it does not clash with your plans the rest of the day.

Buy and Place her sexy underwear/and or a little black dress
Most women love underwear and most importantly, gifts. But this one is a tricky one; only commit to this idea if you can get help from her friends.  Wrong size, wrong style, wrong fit… and it might all fail.  If the underwear idea is advantageous for your girlfriend or wife, a dress surely will. The dress should be simple, classy, and easy to undress (you know why).  Again, when it comes to clothing matters, ask her girlfriends.  Not one, but several, to make sure you get the right dress. If a little black dress is too short for her taste, consider getting a longer knee-length or an even longer evening dress. Make sure you wrap this dress into something beautiful and shiny, and place it on the bed meticulously so it is the first thing she notices when she starts getting ready.

Take her out to dinner
Yes, this one is pretty straightforward. Though this may sound like a cliché, save up, pick gourmet, and make sure this is the place her girlfriends brag about. Delicious food is an all-time winner, not to mention the happiness you will bring by being the hero that saves her from cooking.

Strawberries, Champagne, and Chocolate.
After dinner, ensure that when you come home, champagne is already cooled in the fridge. You should have chocolate served with strawberries. These three ingredients will definitely fire her up and the rest will be history.

Though this plan may seem like a lot of work, it will surely make her happy. You will have time for each other and once again feel like you are dating. It is very important that all the details are in place as anything less than perfection won’t do. This is the love of your life we are talking about here, right? Now go get her tiger!


ABOUT THE AUTHOR : Sara is a fashion blogger for an online clothing shop. In her free time Sara dedicates hours to her big fashion and photography passions as well as finding new ways to spice up her relationship with her boyfriend.


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