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The Top Sex Toys For Women


Keeping you and your partner happy between the sheets can be difficult after awhile–you’ve done all the positions, said all the words and used every room in your house. What’s next? What’s new? What do you move on to make things interesting again? Well, you can always try dressing up and role playing, but if you’re looking for something a little easier with a little more direction a toy just might be the way to go.

In fact, one in two women these days own and use a sex toy, so if you don’t currently own one, you partner just might. Check out this list of the top sex toys for women in the case that your partner doesn’t own one or you just want to try something new.

Vibrators are the best selling toy. They are reliable, they are unintimidating and are great for solo and partner play. You can find them in varying sizes, shapes and options. While there are hundreds of different kinds of vibrators, they are all great go-to toys that can always get you and your partner there.

G-Spot Vibrator:
This is a good choice if you’re already accustomed to vibrators and want to take your play to a whole new level. This toy is great for solo or partner play and can help you unlock that ever-elusive g-spot orgasm. These vibrators tend to be long and skinny with a wide vibrating ball on the end. This ball is designed to specifically target the g-spot. Use one of these on your partner and they’ll love you forever.

A Strap-On:
A strap-on is a great way to maximize your vibrator or dildo play. A strap on is a harness that is worn like a pair of underwear, whether it be thong or bikini style, and comes with an attached dildo or vibrator. A strap on can be fun because it allows the wearer to really feel like they are apart of the process. Using a strap on isn’t quite as straight forward as using a vibrator though, so be sure to check out this guide before purchasing one.

Tongue Vibrator:
A tongue vibrator is a fun way to make oral even more intense. Typically made of silicone, a tongue vibrator slips over your tongue and has a tiny vibrating bullet that will tantalize and tease your partner. Be on the look out for a pack that has two tongue vibrators–that way you can both get in on the fun.

Nipple Clamps:
Nipple clamps are great for a girl who has very sensitive ones. You can find these toys at in varying options. You can get them in a fun flirty feather style, a chained together metal style or even ones that come with mini shocks; it really just depends on what you’re both into. You will find that they not only provide pleasurable sensations for the wearer, but are always very sexy when worn.

Lube is a great accompaniment to any kind of sexual play, whether you use it with each other or with toys. Lube can help get things going or keep toys and fingers moving about freely. Have fun with it and get flavored lube or lube that heats up as the friction goes up. Be sure to stick to water-based lube. While silicone-based lube isn’t bad, water-based lube is the only lube that is 100% safe for women, condoms and toys to use.

Did I miss anything? What toys do you like to incorporate in your bedroom?

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