Jennifer Oyelade: And the Dr says “you’re having a Girl…. All smiles!”





If you’re like me then you will always want to know the sex of your baby before you give birth so I’ll set the scene…

You’re in the Doctor’s room and you’re doing your routine scan, but this one is different because this one can actually tell you the sex of your unborn child. The Doctor does all the checks and you’re sitting there eagerly anticipating the question… Would you like to know the sex? And you shout YES! And then he says it’s a girl!

Do you think you have u have more obstacles in life dealing with girls than boys?

I personally feel that there are more issues to face

1. Puberty – having to explain to your daughter at the age of 11(in some cases they are younger) the reason why blood flows from her vagina every month

2. Sex – Discovering the desire for the opposite sex and sexual intercourse – discussing the ‘right time’ and how not to fall victim to peer pressure.

3. Pregnancy – the seriousness of pregnancy and motherhood – a child is not a doll or a toy. It is regarded as a permanent ‘pet’ you CANNOT give him or her back when you’re tired.

4. Marriage – A lifetime commitment and not for the faint hearted, it comes with ups, down’s curve balls and everything else that falls in-between. – It is not about asoebi sewing and extravagant receptions because once the table and chairs are cleared it’s just you and your groom.

Raising a girl is a lot of work in comparison to boys however the joys that come with it are priceless.

Girls will look after your home; they will assume that motherly position when you’re not around assisting with the cooking, domestic duties as well as learning the art of multi-tasking in other words learning how to be a woman.

You have that closeness with them, up until they discover they are ‘daddy’s girls’ lol. However you will find that you’ll bond with your daughter on a level that surpasses all friendships without breaking any boundaries. (That’s another topic for another day *wink*)

All children are perfect gifts from God but he took extra care when he made the female, He made us to be the foundation of a home, He built us to be human incubators, bringing new life into the world, He gave us the ability to multi-task all whilst striving to be successful, intelligent goddesses who are beautiful inside and out.


Writer: Jennifer Oyelade is an entrepreneur and the Managing Director of Transquisite Consulting, a Recruitment and Business Solutions Consultancy ( Born and bred in the UK, her literature spans from personal experiences, those of her environment, and life in the UK. As a very strong believer in women empowerment, Jennifer is very passionate about how women are portrayed in the media, and how we can be more prominent in various industries and organisations.




    debby baro

    May 30, 2013 at 12:33 am

    I particularly love the last paragraph! “All children are perfect gifts from God…” I hope that families, especially the men, read this and appreciate God’s work in the life of a woman.

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