Jennifer Oyelade: Mis-leading Public Figures, Who Should Be Our REAL Role Models?


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What is a role model?

Someone we aspire to be like or someone that inspires us to be better individuals.
So why have some lost the true value of what a role model actually stands for.
These days we are surrounded by so many things in the world of music, acting, politics, advertisements etc. and at times we don’t realise how many of these things affect the way we think, the way we reason and live our lives on a daily basis.
We see things like Beyoncé as the face of Pepsi, Kate Moss as the face of Rimmel London Make-Up, and Reality star Kim Kardashian showcasing her life for the TV screen.

So the question is…  Who do we qualify as our REAL Role models?

I find that the traditional role models such as our mother’s, and father’s don’t have as much value these days compared to the celebrities of our generation, and the sad part is if you read interviews by these same individuals they give credit to their parents for where they are today.

Let’s break it down a little further:

People who are public figures are doing the same thing you and I are doing, they are working.

Everything they do, they are getting paid to do so. So when the curtains fall, or the director says cut or they put down that microphone. Beyoncé goes back to being a mother and a wife; Kate Moss goes back to being the girl next door, and Kim Kardashian goes back to being a sister, and mother-to-be living as close as she can to a normal life.

Our generation get so carried away with vanity that it has created an ideology and perception of how life should be based on the silver screen.

We need to stop for a second and ask ourselves why do we consider these people as our role models? Is it because of the Bentley’s they drive (bear in mind some do actually rent these) and the mansions they live in? (believe it nor not some do pay mortgages too!) The amount of Christian Loubitan shoes they own (some get given these for free t endorse the brand), or their various sleeping partners? (I will not comment here lol) Or is it because of how they help society in various mediums.

There is nothing wrong in aspiring to be a singer, an actress, or to be a public figure but let it be for the right reasons.

As they say Charity begins at home, look closer to home when seeking a role model like your mother who spent countless of hours and excruciating pain ushering you into the world.

Your sister who has elevated themselves in their desired field/industry through dedication and hard work

Your friend who has used their entrepreneurial drive to set up her own business and u can see it going from strength to strength

Your Cousin who donates food to the orphanage every weekend

Role Models should inspire you – be it personal or professionally, their goals or achievement should be in-tune with your objectives and most importantly…

Where they’ve coming from has taught you about the curve ball life can throw at you and where they are going should motivate you to challenge yourself to be even greater.

If you can’t find a good role model,  Be One.


Writer: Jennifer Oyelade is an entrepreneur and the Managing Director of Transquisite Consulting, a Recruitment and Business Solutions Consultancy (www.tq-consulting.com) Born and bred in the UK, her literature spans from personal experiences, those of her environment, and life in the UK. As a very strong believer in women empowerment, Jennifer is very passionate about how women are portrayed in the media, and how we can be more prominent in various industries and organisations.



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